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State of Barbecue in Las Vegas

Have any Chowhounds visited the new Salt Lick BBQ at the Red Rock Casino?

And any comments about the relative merits of the different branches of Memphis Championship BBQ in Las Vegas?

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I tried Salt Lick twice. I was not impressed. I found the brisket to be overdone and dried out. The bbq sauce is a mustard vinegar sauce that is only good on the sausage. I was not impressed with the sides either. I found Memphis BBQ on Rainbow and Charleston to be much better. I also found Buckingham's Smokehouse on Rainbow north of Lake Mead Blvd. to be very good as is Famous Dave's (for a chain) on Rainbow south of Lake Mead Blvd.

    1. Buckingham's Smokehouse Is the BEST i've had in town. Beyond delicious, and to-die-for BBQ'd pork! I go there whenever i'm on that side of town.

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        Is it a pit barbecue, Honeychan? What style barbecue? Thanks.

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          Honestly, i'm not quite sure. I'm going to have to say it's not a pit BBQ, cause the pit BBQ places i've been make it a -point- not to hide the fact!
          I also think it's leaning towards Texas-style BBQ, but with other options besides brisket. My good friend who took me there the first time was born and raised in Texas, and she said it really was the best BBQ outside her home state. Once I tasted the pork, I was sold.

          Sorry I coulden't give more details!

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            Thanks for trying, Honeychan. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to Buckinham's on this trip, but if I do, I'll be sure and report back.

      2. First--in all cases I'm talking about brisket, which is all we've tried at the following places: We had a branch of MCB near us for a while--consistently mediocre. We recently tried Salt Lick and thought it was decent, but not great or anything. We're not a fan of that mustard-type sauce, and they ignored our request to put the sauce on the side. Famous Dave's is consistently pretty good--flavorful and very tender--the closest we've come to great 'Q in Vegas, and surprisingly good for a chain. We tried Buckingham's and thought it was awful, although not quite as bad as Big Mama's. We recognize that barbecue tends to be somewhat inconsistent, so our single tries of these last two places may not mean much.

        1. A great place for BBQ is Barbeque Masters Wood Smoked. It is in Henderson right off of the 215 and Stephanie (on Horizon Ridge). Has incredible pulled pork, the ribs fall off the bone and the pulled chicken is great. The brisket has been a hit or miss with friends (i am not a brisket fan so can't judge it).

          1. I recommend the Rib Crib on Desert Inn just east of Durango. While I haven't tried Salt Lick, I have tried Daves, Buckingham, MCB and BBQ Masters and I think the Rib Crib beats them all. It is New Orleans style bbq.

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              What is New Orleans style barbecue?

            2. Dave,

              I went to the Memphis location closest to the Mandalay Bay, about a 5-10 minute cab ride. I forgot which town. It's right next to a Sonic (friends stopped there for dessert for the banana and coconut cream pie shakes after bbq). I thought it was pretty good. As I always do, I ordered a combo plate dry so the sauce wouldn't mask the taste of the meat. Most of our group really liked it.

              BTW, on a side note, before you head back here to NY, have your cab take you to Freeds Bakery for Rugelach. Only a few minutes from the airport and quite tasty for the plane ride home.

              1. Dave,

                I've tried Memphis which was okay. And I haven't tried Salt Lick, But i did tried BBQ Master on horizon, Which i wasn't impress with there Brisket.. I went there more than once and was consistently dry and chewy. Theres this one bbq called K's BBQ on South Las Vegas Blvd. on the corner of Silverado Ranch be hide the Shell gas station. They have great Brisket, Smoked chicken, Pork shoulder butt and Pork spare Ribs. All smoked for perfection..They smoked their Brisket for 24hours,and Pork for 18-20hours..It melts in ur mouth, but not in ur hand! They give out Texas size portion. Thats what u would call real authentic Texas style BBQ is all about..

                1. Thanks for the tip, jenga. I haven't heard of K's. There's a chance I'll be able to give it a try on the way out of town.

                  1. jenga,

                    My last meal in Las Vegas was at K's. See my last trip report.

                    1. Since you are looking for BBQ, have you tried the Hawaiian style BBQ at places like L&L Hawaiian BBQ on Maryland Parkway?

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                        I tried L&L years ago, but I was on the lookout for Texas-style, and K's was the best I've found so far in LV, at least for brisket.

                      2. After hearing how wonderful The Salt Lick was at the Red Rock Resort, my boyfriend and I finally made some time and stopped in there. It was OKAY, as in, nothing spectacular. The brisket was a little dry, and not barbecued; the ribs were okay, the hotlink was good. My boyfriend liked the macaroni and cheese, but I thought it tasted a lot like Velveeta. The pinto beans were good. I'm from the South, so I guess I expect more than what this place is putting out. I wouldn't go back.

                        1. Is there any BBQ places in Vegas that cook the whole hog instead of just sholders? How about a BBQ place that serves vinegar based sause?. What I'm looking for is REAL South Carolina BBQ or close to it. All the places I find try to be TX or KC BBQ with Ribs, sausage, and briskets. The best BBQ i found in Vegas so far is Buzz BBQ. Its way out on West Ann Road. I have not tried K's yet however.

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                            Bird'n'Bones on Desert Inn is a newer BBQ place, and pretty good. Their sauce is vinegar-based, and they have a normal and spicy version. Very tasty, they both are. I got the pork shoulder and it was quite delish. Juicy, tender, and just the right amount of fatty goodness to make it worthwhile.

                            The place is aTexas BBQ, by way of Jamaica! (I thought the sauce was a bit tangy-fruity) Still has the usual culprits like pork shoulder, ribs, chicken and sausage.

                            I was surprised at how much I liked them. Big loser there is bad cornbread, if you care about that at all. Dry, and flavorless. I'm certainly not going back there due to any side-dishes, but I really did like the meat I got there.

                            Give them a try!

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                              Birds N Bones BBQ is now closed, as I tried to visit them this past weekend.

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                                Never mind. Just found the posts stating it closed in late 2007. I gotta check the older posts more often.

                          2. We had dinner last week at Salt Lick BBQ. Was not impressed with the brisket, though it was fatty it wasn't tender fatty. Flavor at the pink edges was legit, but just not pleasant to chew. Oddly enough, my husband ordered the baby back ribs and we loved them. Wasn't expecting that! And we thought the sides were eh. The mac and cheese wasn't hot and didn't really taste "smoked" in any way. Coleslaw was very celery-seedy, not our fave. Service was acceptable, nothing special, nothing horrible. Don't know that I'd make a special trip out there again for it, but we did enjoy the casino after dinner and wouldn't refuse to go or anything.