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Aug 3, 2006 03:30 AM

Stir-fried chili crab in SoFla?

Where can I get some good, fresh crab stir-fried with chilis and garlic? Near Hollywood would be great.

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  1. I'm not sure but this might be the place:
    Little Saigon Vietnamese
    16752 N Miami Ave
    North Miami Bch, FL 33169-6033
    (305) 653-3377

    1. If you're talking about a tomato-based chili sauce Singapore-style, I'm not sure you'll find it. South Florida is rather lacking when it comes to that corner of Asia. I haven't tried to get that around here so I don't know what restaurants would have it as a crossover. Vietnamese? Thai? Filipino? HK?

      If all you need is, well, crab stir-fried with chili and garlic, I'd check the regional-Chinese places first, since they should have good crabs on hand. Pepper's in Pembroke Pines (Pines and Palm) claims to have cooks from Taiwan, Szechuan Province and HK/Guangzhou and I'm inclined to believe it and if you went in with the name of a specific dish even if it's not on the menu, I think they'd be game to try it. Closer to you if not as refined, maybe Dragon City in the 6000s on Stirling should at least be able to stir-fry some fresh crab with chili and garlic. Lotsa super-fresh seafood swimming around in tanks.

      1. I drove by Dragon City last week, but changed my mind. It looked cheesey. Should I stop in there?
        I would love some authentic asian food.


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        1. re: Shirley U. Jest

          It's nothing fancy, and it doesn't have the polish or breadth of Pepper's, but it is authentic and it's a whole lot closer if you don't live way out west.

          The menu is probably more diverse than those at HK City and Silver Pond ten miles to the north, but again the latter are probably a bit more polished for the dishes they have in common.

          Bear in mind that Dragon City has less experience than any of these other places in helping non-Chinese customers navigate the menu. If you don't know your way around or you're not the sort of person who orders on intuition, you may fare better elsewhere. On the flipside, if you're adventurous and don't mind the occasional dish you end up not liking, there are some real ephiphanies to be found.

          As for the garish neon and the tinted windows, I call that authenticity when it's a Chinese restaurant two minutes from a casino offering $70 abalone dishes at 4 AM. :)