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Aug 3, 2006 03:11 AM

Ice Cream in Pittsburgh

I keep finding myself at Dave and Andy's or Handel's. Where else does everyone like to go for ice cream. No soft serve please. Also, anywhere to get gelato?

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  1. Bruster's! They have several outlets in the region.

    Okay, now that I look at their website, I see that they have outlets all over the country. Hmm, less local than I thought. I used to go to the one on Beechwood Blvd in Greenfield. They make the best Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream, but usually only in March.

    1. The owner of Tessaro's had mentioned a gelateria a block further into Bloomfield (I forget the name), though that could possibly be a great find. Otherwise, I have to second Brusters. Though I dislike many of the flavors, I really like the pumpkin ice cream they make, which is quite salty and sometimes has maple syrup and nuts in it.

      Edit: I Googled it and it may have been Grasso-Roberto Café. Anyone had their gelato before?

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        I had some gelato in a location that could be the one you're describing. Quite good. Pictures on the wall had captions that indicated that the cafe was run by caterers. Sandwich selection sounded good. I'm moving around the corner from there (from Boston) on Monday.

      2. Dave and Andy's is still my favorite.

        My DH LOVES Glen's frozen custard in Springdale.

        1. Strangely enough, Joe Mamas on Forbes in Oakland has great spumoni made by Dave and Andy’s, but I have never found it at Dave and Andy’s.

          1. Even though you said no soft serve, I too must suggest Glen's in Springdale. As well, either original location, Kittaning, or new location Shadyside: Mulberry Street Gelato.