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Aug 3, 2006 02:50 AM

MS Natchez & Port Gibson & LA Natchitoches recommendations

I will be driving down to New Orleans via the Natchez Trace and will be stopping in LA Natchitoches and MS Natchez & Port Gibson. I am a serious hound for home cooking, esp. African American/"Soul" food and am willing to drive. Food is really the only important things, not setting, service, etc.

So what about those places with collards to die for, pork chops to kill for, and pecan pie to live for?


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  1. this was talked about in a recent thread, natchez was anyway

    i am not sure about Natchitoches but Baton Rouge is full of good soul food places. I imagine that Natchitoche has its fair share as well

    1. Natchitoches is a great little town. Don't miss Lasyone's for Natchitoches meat pies. They are delish little fried meat pies. You will love them! You can even buy them frozen to go!