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Aug 3, 2006 02:38 AM

Your Top Three Ethnic Dives?

Goin back up to SF and just wonderin what your top three ethnic dives are up there... :) Used to enjoy the Arab place in the Lower Haight that closed down (this was like 7 years ago) and the dumplings in peanut sauce at the Coppola chinese place...

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  1. Yamo, Yamo, and Yamo. OK, Yucatasia as well. Yamo (Burmese) is on 18th, btwn Mission and Valencia. All entrees are $5.25. Get the Yamo cold noodles or any of the fish dishes, tea salad. Yucatasia is on Mission bwtn 17th and 18th. That chicken leg (also used to make the banh mi) is killer!

    1. Kaygetsu - Japanese -
      Bissap Boabab - Senegalese -
      Chelokababi - Persian -

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      1. re: wchane

        Looking at those websites, I would hardly call those restaurtants "dives." Heck, the fact that they have websites kinda pushes them out of dive territory.

        But that Japanese restaurant looks great. Those prices are way too high to be considered a dive. Any recommendations on what to order? Thanks!

        1. re: chaddict

          Go all out, get the kaiseki menu.

          1. re: willowg

            yeah. or a la carte...i learned from here you can put together your own kaiseki meal form the menu and it'll cost you maybe 2/3 the're going to leave wondering what you missed. go all out. just do it.

            i almost forgot: spice hut in sunnyvale, ca - indian food...i'm going to go there now. =) mmmMmmm...

        2. re: wchane

          Wow, you must be extremely wealthy if you consider Kaygetsu a dive.

          1. re: willowg

            i have to reading comprehension faulted during this post. they are definitely not 'dives'


            sushi maru - sunnyvale, ca - japanese
            rose market - mountain view, ca - persian
            yiassoo - cupertino, ca - greek
            lucy's cafe - cupertino, ca - chinese
            ogi-san ramen - san jose, ca - ramen : this place is actually quite horrid, but i live really nearby so i literally walk there when i don't want to think. it's edible, just don't go there on my account.

        3. Interesting that in the bay area we don't consider vietnamese, chinese, japanese, indian and mexican food ethnic anymore..:)

          We are so lucky.

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          1. re: Offal Lover

            Dol Ho. That's Chinese and while not exactly a dive, most certainly a hole-in-the-wall.

            If you want a literal hole-in-the-wall, try La Torta Loca in Oakland (on International in Fruitvale). It's a counter on the front wall of a laundromat (although they now seem to have a couple of tables just inside the laundromat).

          2. Truly Mediterranean

            Taqueria San Jose (the one by 24th St BART)

            I'd say Saigon Sandwich but haven't been there since the recent rash of downhill alerts.

            1. The only Dive I go to with regularity is Shan on 3rd street,
              which is fine, but the food is just kind of average, nothing more or less than you would expect from this kind of no frills Indian place.

              Here are a couple of local dive food websites it might be worth reading through for some other ideas:


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              1. re: Sixy

                Shan closed, will reopen as a Naan 'n' Chutney.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  NO WAY!
                  I was there just a couple of weeks ago the last time.
                  damn it.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    Have you ever been to the Haight st location of Naan'n'Chutney. If so, what is your take?

                    1. re: Amahal420

                      one thing is for certain - parking will be easier in the SoMa location.

                    2. re: Robert Lauriston

                      I drove by Shan last night.
                      It looked very open and it still had the huge shan sign outside.

                      1. re: Sixy

                        Are you sure it is not the new place or they were doing work to open the new restaurant. I was there last Saturday and saw the notice on the door.

                        If the new restaurant is a little bare-bones type of place, it might take them a while to remove that big sign outside ... if ever.

                        1. re: rworange

                          i drove past again, and noticed there is a sign on the window but that it does appear to be open. will cehck it out soon