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Aug 3, 2006 02:28 AM

"Real Creole" (i.e. from Central LA)?

As a couple of people have pointed out, that regional Creole food is not in NO, but in central area of LA. What are the places that come to mind?

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  1. i think of the distinction being between cajun and creole with creole being a sort of "catch all" term. Cajun food does not come from new orleans but from the south central portion of the state. Alexandria at the northern extreme, maybe Jennings to the West and maybe Opelousas to the east but these are very much fungible. When i think of Creole food i think of what is often referred to as Soul Food, lots of beans and peas, stewed vegetables like okra and squash, lots of fish and pork and chicken. However, in Louisiana there is also a lot of seafood involved. New Orleans sort of has a cuisine all it's own built out of the immigrant communities that came there and then the unique items created by all it's great restaurants. far greater minds than I have worried over these distinction though. I am sure someone could be more specific or correct my errors.

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      On the Creole vs. Cajun thing, there's good answers (and some great recipes) here on Chuck Taggart's Gumbo Pages site:

      Lower on that page, it looks like the link on "Louisiana Chefs..." may provide of some guidance on central La.