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Aug 3, 2006 02:22 AM

Serious hound, in NO 4-days conference, with car & willing to drive!

I will be in NO in about a week and have heard all the usual places mentioned (& eaten at few on a past visit). So, a more specific request from you guys:

1) Places you'd take Jim Leff to (i.e., simple place/exquisite food)

2) Places worth travelling to (both up&down scale with emphasis on home cooking)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sal and Judy's in Lacombe is off the city track. Outstanding Italian if you can get in. I'm pretty sure they're still open but maybe someone else can confirm.

    1. Mosca's in Waggaman, west of the city about 5-6 miles. This is the most unique food in New Orleans and, I think, the best. You'll need at least 4 people as they serve family style. Start with the crab salad, then Oysters Mosca, shrimp, and chicken grande with an order of the spagetti bordelaise. Don't get desert as those aren't that great. Be sure to get directions as it is in the middle of nowhere.

      1. --Cafe Reconcile (central city, Oretha Castle Haley blvd); shrimp & white beans, meat pies...
        --drive to LaPlace and buy some andouille to take home from Bailey's & Jacob's (buy from both for comparison's sake)

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          Thanks y'all for the suggestions. I will report back on the ones I get to.

        2. I would ditto about Mosca's. I would also add - Crossiant D'Oro for breakfast, Casamento's for anything oyster, Pascale Manale's,Parkway Tavern for poboys and Riomar for great Latin seafood. Have fun eating your way through the city

          1. Try Sandro's Italian on Veteran's Blvd. in Kenner near the airport. A little joint in a mall across from a TJ Maxx. Get a reservation, since the place only seats about 16-20. The 17 layer lasagna will surprise and delight. A while back I had a frog leg and escargot combination on cappelini that was really delicious. It was a special and not on the regular menu. Very unusual and more French than Italian.