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Aug 3, 2006 02:06 AM

Danal ?

I've always been curious about Danal on e.10th st., but have never been. Searches on chowhound didn't turn much up, nor did other on-line searches.

Anybody know anything about the place? I once heard it's a good brunch spot. True? How about dinner? Brunch only on weekends?
Thanks for input.

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  1. They do serve a good brunch, though the service sometimes leaves something to be desired. I'm partial to their croissant french toast.

    You're right that you rarely hear about this restaurant, though their cuisine isn't anything exciting and the execution can be hit or miss. Still they do do competent French country/rustic fare. Try them for brunch (check for hours, cuz that's part of their annoyance -- weird hours).

    1. I went to Danal a few weeks ago for the first time and was blown away by their french toast. It was the best French toast I have had in a long while. The cafe au lait I ordered was also excellent. No complaints about the service either.

      1. It's a great brunch. I second Desidero's comments about the French toast and the cafe au lait in a bowl. The place is really charming too.
        Dinner is competent/good and reasonably priced. Good for a quiet dinner in the neighborhood, but not really something to travel for.