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Aug 3, 2006 01:57 AM

Family Oriented Japanese- Minneapolis

Hello Friends
My boss moved into town recently and is looking for a goog place to take his wife and kids. I recommended Origami, which he said was great but not kid oriented (obviously) but since I don't have kids, that is totally something I never pay attention to. Any good rec's?

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  1. I'm not sure how "kid freindly" it is, but Sakura sure is fun! They have the tatami tables you can sit at (the low tables where you sit on mats), and upstairs therye's a really cool Zen garden.

    1. Depending on the ages of the kids (and tolerance for the prices), teppanyaki might be a good option. On the Minneapolis side, Ichiban is both accessible and fairly good food. Across the river, Saji Ya is good and gets the nod over Ichiban if they want sushi as well. Saji Ya would probably be my first choice for teppanyaki.

      If you really want to get in his good graces, probably the best Japanese recommendation you could give is a good babysitter and directions to Tanpopo.

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        I agree with you about Tanpopo - it's my favorite MN restaurant. I don't know what happens from the time I arrive to the time I leave, but I always leave feeling rejuvenated. And the couple who own it are truly nice caring people.

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          The Tanpopo name is probably a riff on one of the best food flicks of all time, Tampopo - A Japanese Noodle Western.

          I see they use they farmer's market!

          1. re: Karl Gerstenberger

            In its write-up by St. Paul's CapitolRiver Council (a business organization), Tanpopo's owners Ben and Koshiki lay that common assumption to rest:

            "Despite what some people think, Tanpopo Noodle Shop got its name from a coffee shop that Koshiki’s father owned called Tanpopo and not from the movie Tampopo."

        2. While the food is not as good as it was a couple years ago, Midori's Floating World Cafe is still a good Japanese option for families with kids. They have a wide range of dishes from cooked to sushi. The owner's kid is often playing in the private dining room in the back, and it seems like people are often in there with kids.

          1. Definitely Midori's Floating World.


            This is one of my favorite "every day" places. I love the food, and I love the mom-and-pop-and-daughter atmosphere. The owners' child, who looks to be about 5 or 6, is almost always there in the evenings, and has provided some of the artwork on the walls. Tell your boss that it's a very cozy, casual, kid-friendly place.

            And the food is very good - not up to Origami standards, and just a squidge below Tanpopo, but still quite yummy. My favorite is the grilled fish dinner that comes with miso soup, salad, rice, two vegetable dishes, pickles, and three slices of fruit. The fish choices are salmon, mackerel, and (at lunch only) a long bony fish (Sanma?). They also have sushi and noodle dishes. But there's no poultry or red meat on the menu, other than the Spam sushi...


            P.S. The street is under construction right now, so Midori's is hard to get to, but not impossible.

            1. Kikugawa's booths are great for kids. The food might not be the most exciting, but it's definately solid.