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Aug 3, 2006 01:43 AM

Raw peanuts?

Does anyone know where I can find raw peanuts in the Chicago area? Summer's not the same without boiled peanuts...

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  1. I have seen them on a few occasions at Stanley's Produce at North Ave. and Elston Ave. Call first to check.

    1. A number of the Asian shops at Argle and Broadway carry them.

      NUTS ON CLARK in Wrigleyville.
      WHOLE FOODS carries them as well in the bulk section.
      TREASURE ISLANDS food stores.

      The middleeastern Grocery Store on Foster just west of Clark Street in Andersonville is great for variety of nuts and fantastic made fresh hourly takeout. Great cold fava bean salad, garlic hummus, red pepper babaganoush, tabulouh, pureed lentil soup, stuffed turnovers, kibbe, etc, etc.

      Edgewater Produce
      5509 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640
      (773) 275-3800
      They carry a variety of raw nuts.

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      1. Thanks to everyone who replied. I found what I was looking for at Stanley's since I live right off of Elston. I wound up purchasing far more than the peanuts since they had such good bargains on produce.
        I've got to try the middle eastern store on Foster as well as the asian markets on Argyle when I get a craving for durian.
        The boiled peanuts turned out well. To answer brady73's question, boiled peanuts are more of a southern US thing and can often be purchased on the side of the road in Florida and S. Georgia (and I'm sure a few other places as well). You need to add a ridiculous amount of salt to the boiling water and boil the peanuts for about 4 hours. Then you let them sit in the hot water for another couple of hours to get them soft like beans. It may be an acquired taste as I shared them with some of my Chicago friends who didn't care for them at all...

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          We tried 'em on a road trip to Tennessee a few years back and loved 'em. And I'm a full-blooded yankee.

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            Do they taste the same I got hooked living in savannah ga

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              Looks like Suthenboy hasn't posted anything since 2006 so he probably won't respond. When I've made boiled peanuts up here they turn out good, but not as good as what you get down south. I think it's mostly due to the freshness of the raw peanuts you can get here, but differences in the water chemistry and my inexperience as a peanut boiler probably also come in to play.