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Lamb recommendation

It's not a popular dish, but one of my favorites: lamb. I'm looking for a place to have good lamb. I'm thinking of more of a lamb shank than chops, but I'll take good food any way I can get it. I live in Simi Valley, but would be interested in places within a reasonable distance.

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  1. Carnival on Woodman near Ventura in Sherman Oaks has a lamb shank special every Tuesday night, really good.

    1. Chameau makes a good braised lamb shank.

      1. This is far from you, but I really like the lamb burger at Alcove in Los Feliz. It's on the west side of Hillhurst Blvd, just north of Franklin Ave, and has a lovely outdoor patio.

        1. Fugo de chao...as many succulent chops and slices from shank as you like...salted and peppered on outside,,,forget the salad bar, go selective on the beef and enjoy some incredibly juicy and flavorful lamb until you can eat no more...about 50 bux pp

          1. Max Restaurant in Sherman Oaks has a new menu item, a horseradish encrusted Colorado lamb loin that, when served rare/medium rare, is phenomenal. Had it Monday night. What a treat, and this compliment comes from someone that cooks lamb regularly at home, namely me!
            And they now have a trio of tartares that can be shared by two. They are the ahi/mango/avocado one that has been on the menu for a while, plus the smoked salmon version as well as the himachi version, all for around $12, split for two. Sure gives new meaning to the term tartare.

            1. trader joe's freezer section. pre-marinated racks of lamb with rosemary. defrosts in cold water in 15 minutes. in the oven or on the grill, done in 15 minutes. better than most restaurants.

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                I have to agree. The quality of these chops and legs is quite high. I preferred the Australian supplier to the domestic supplier but they are still quite good.

                I think they are much better if you allow them to defrost slowly for a day or more in the refrigerator and then allow them to rest for another six hours outside of the package. It lets the muscle relax and helps firm up the flesh.

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                  i definitely agree. if only i could organize in advance of my meal preparation. unfortunately, i find myself standing in front of the refrigerator at 7pm asking my husband what he wants to eat.

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                  Costco's chops are Australian, and are also excellent, baked at 450 for 15 minutes, and you season per your own choice. Cinnamon, cumin, rosemary, herbs de provence, or raz el hanout all make wonderful variations in taste.

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                      A blend of spices native to the Mediterranean, usually with cumin, cinnamon, and various variations, depending on whether in Morocco, Turkey, or fill in the blanks, just like curry with its variations, depending on area.

                3. its a long ways away but if you're ever by LAX, Bilal Indian cuisine has a HUGE lamb shank combo for like 7 bucks with chicken curry and a vegetable curry.....enough for 3 people.

                  1. If you want try a Chinese/Shenyang iteration of lamb, go to NORTHERN CHINESE RESTAURANT in Rosemead and sample the Cumin Lamb. Won't leave disappointed.

                    Northern Chinese Restaurant
                    8450 Valley Blvd
                    (626) 288-9299

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                      That's a great dish, but if you don't LOVE cumin, beware! It's definitely the reigning flavor.

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                        At least in my opinion, better that the cumin be the "reigning flavor" than the gaminess of the lamb ...

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                          ipsedixit-what in the heck are you doing on a post about lamb if you don't like it! Silly!