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Aug 3, 2006 12:58 AM

My perfect hot muggy day dinner

it’s unbearably hot in NYC, and i know it is just about everywhere. i was delighted that my simple dinner tonight turned out so well, and was inspired to share (haven’t been posting much on the new board)

1. i have the coolest string beans ever—forgive me if they’re old to you, but these were brand new to me and really really cool. they’re purple on the outside, and green on the inside (and, interestingly enough, for the few with rotten bits, the rotten parts were green too!). i blanched them, and they turned deeply and majestically purple for a minute, then magically turned green. i wished i had an eight year old around to share in the kookiness of that transformation. sauteed with olive oil, butter, shallots, thyme, salt and pepper. they were very interestingly flavored; i’d say they almost had a horseradish kick to them. so one, what are these mystery beans? and two, how do you prepare them to accentuate their interestingness?

2. then i made a summer soup—threw cantaloupe in the food processor, with some coriander, cayenne, aleppo pepper, lime juice and salt (inspired by a Bittman recipe for melon balls). topped with cilantro. simple refreshing and delicious. definitely add it to your cold soup repertoire (and please, do tell me about the other cold soups you’re eating these days).

rose water (f/k/a freddie)

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  1. Would love to know your estimated proportions on the melon soup. Sounds delightful.

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    1. re: bryan

      one medium-large cantaloupe
      1/4 teaspoon salt
      1/2 teaspoon coriander
      too much pepper (which i loved)
      juice of one lime

      can also add some sugar, depending on the melon (i didn't)

      it was delightful--enjoy

    2. I made two soups from Sunday Suppers by Suzanne Goin, her gazpacho made with yellow tomatoes, and the corn soup with avocado and creme fraiche. I prepared these on Sunday, knowing about the heat wave headed towards the East Coast. We've been having big bowls of cold soup as our main course for dinner this week.