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Aug 3, 2006 12:31 AM

Lard Bread in Essex County

Anyone have any recommendations for a great Italian bakery in Essex County (NJ)? I'd love to know that I can get a lard bread fix as required when we move to NJ. I'm spoiled in Brooklyn but I assume there are many great Italian bakeries near our new digs. Just need to know where....


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  1. Honestly, I don't know specifically about lard bread, but there are very good bakeries around here in Essex. My local one is the ancient and lauded Giordano's, at 90 Franklin St. in Belleville (the Silver Lake section of Belleville). (Note that Franklin St. is not to be confused with Franklin Ave.) Great bagels, great bread, great desserts. They tend to run out of stuff early though, and they're closed on Mondays. They also once had a Newark location (the original), but apparently that's gone.

    There's also Calandra's but I prefer Giordano's, at least when it comes to bagels anyway. Can't remember if I've had any bread from Calandra's.

    A friend's mother works at a bakery on Broad St. in Bloomfield next to the good Thai place there, Brookside Thai, so I'll have to ask him if she's got lard bread. I think the place is Gencarelli's.

    There've also been positive posts on the mid-Atlantic board about Gina's Panificio in Montclair.

    Some other threads including talk about bakeries and bread around here:

    1. There's an Italian bakery in Orange with bread I like a lot -- trying to remember the name. I think it is Sanitary Bakery -- checks yellow pages -- Yep, Orange Sanitary Bakery, 114 South Essex Ave, close to the Orange train station. Not sure if it is made with lard but you could check -- either way it is very good.

      1. if your looking for good lard bread you can get it at Di Paolo Bros. Bakery at 399 bloomfield avenue Newark ,NJ 973.485.6737 or at Di Paolo Bros. Bakery at 71 new road , parsippany n.j. 973.882.3344 you should call a day before and order it. you can also check Di Paolo Bros. bakery at any other questions call 973.882.3344 and ask for frank

        1. Giordano's is the best bakery in Essex county. Calandras is OKAY, but not great!

          1. Sigh. Giordano's is gone. What a shame.