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Aug 2, 2006 11:50 PM

Ocean Jewels-Flushing

Curious about this place...anybody been for dinner or dim sum?Please give a shout..details appreciated!

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  1. I went once and posted about it last year. Though I was slightly disappointed, it seems promising enough that I plan to return and give it another try. I think other people have recommended it, e.g. this thread

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    1. re: Brian S

      I returned a few weeks ago and had a great meal (evening, NOT dim sum). I added it to the bottom of the thread I cited above.

    2. I only went once because I was so disappointed and bored with the dim sum. There are so many great places in Flushing but this isn't one of them.

      1. hmm... this is one of our regular stops for dim sum. I think it is pretty good.

        1. Their dim sum is on a par with Gum Fung and they have free parking.Good enough

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            I second the above, plus the har gow and lots of other things really melt in your mouth at Ocean Jewels. Gum Fung will pay for the parking of your prior visit. Simply get a card from them and save the muni meter receipt.

          2. This is my favorite place for dim sum. I haven't been there a while, but I used to go there a lot last year.

            They do the basic dim sum dishes well. Their food seems fresher than the other dim sum places I've been to, and reliably so. I particularly like their clams, and something called "Malaysian roll". The latter is my Mandarin speaking friend's rough English translation. It's a yellow cake-like roll.