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Aug 2, 2006 11:48 PM

Indy Northside - Champps Americana

This is a chain, but doesn't have that many outlets, so I didn't get any hits on the chain board. Anyways, I'm going to a wedding reception there. Is anything good on the menu? I assume I'll have 2-3 choices. I've heard its awful.

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  1. There are several here in the twins. It's typical sports bar cuisine, with big sandwiches, so-so pasta dishes, passable pizza, etc. It's slightly better than the various striped awning chains. I don't know how it rates in Indy vs. the ones here in St. Paul or Minne, but I usually succeed in getting something edible.

    Their homemade chicken noodle soup is good - big chunks of chicken and big noodles; their portabella sandwich is good; i can choke down their rachel sandwich ok and their tuna sandwich is passable. On the other hand, their beer-cheese soup is grainy and their turkey wild rice is thick and gloppy and a little too sweet.

    Enjoy the wedding reception for what it is, and good luck with the chow.

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      I've been in the one in downtown Indy a couple of times and I'd say that you have it nailed pretty good.