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Aug 2, 2006 11:13 PM

Questions About McCormick and Schmick's Happy Hour

i read on this board that mccormick and schmicks has a 1.95 cheesburger during happy hour. this sounds really enticing but before i go i was wondering how the drink prices are for well drinks and beer? im assuming they may be a little high to offer such low prices on happy hour food. Also are their happy hour hours the usual 5-7pm?

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  1. The prices are typical... ~5-6 for beer ~10-12 for mixed drinks. Nothing crazy. I think they use a Happy Hour as a way to get more people into the joint, as the normal restaurants are big, pricy and not that great.

    We'd go often after work to the Manhattan Beach one which has a great patio, then head across the street to catch a 'free' movie (Dad works in the 'biz') then head back over for the SECOND happy hour (starts at 9pm) and get more cheap snacks and drinks... It was a great cheap way to spend an evening... :)


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      sounds like a perfect evening! i didnt know about the "second" happy hour. thanks for the info and the quick response!

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        Yup! We'd go to the later ones more often than not... When feeling ULTRA cheap, we'd head over to Sharkey's for their Happy Hour (2 for 1 pitchers including mixed drinks... yes, PITCHERS of Jack and Coke). Then after we partied it up over there, go over to McCormicks to soak up the booze with the 2 buck burger... Heh...


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          WOW! Pitchers of Jack and Cooooooke!!!

          Address please! Thats probably the newest happiest place on earth!

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            Well the one we used to go, Sharkeez at the Hermosa Pier burned down earlier this year (Although we've all gotten married or settled into real job since those wild consultant days, we still shed a tear!) but there are locations in Manhattan Beach, Newport, Huntington and Santa Barbara. Call before though to see if they still got the special and still do pitchers of mixed drinks...



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              They always have theme nights...different days of the week....Tuesdays are Taco Tuesdays for examples......the food there is good for bar food...i really like their steak Nachos, Lobster Burrito and fried Tiki Tenders (manhattan beach location).

              They have menus online but its all in annoying flash (don't look too thoroughly in the menu, I think I'm in some of those photo albums hah).

              here are the pages of the menu at manhattan beach:

              But yeah....the drink specials on certain nights were insane...Hermosa (before it burned) had on Monday nights $2.50 u call it drinks. ANY drinks...we were doing shots of Patron for $2.50 instead of $9.00. hah!

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              do all the sharkey's have that deal? cause thats SMOKING! :D

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                I'm not sure... we always went to the Hermosa one, which I noted, is kinda out of commission right now. :( But you can call any of the other ones and ask...


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                  It's Sharkeez, not Sharky's. They are 2 different chains.

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                  sounds like an awesome deal but im in koreatown and after two pitchers of vodka tonic i'd be camping on the beach!

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                    considering the weather, camping out at the beach ain't half bad. :D

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                      LOL! That is why we went to the Hermosa one... One of our co-worker lived around the corner so if it ever got REAL bad (And the only time it did is after their special 'Shark Attack' drink... man is that thing paint thinner) we would just crash at his place.

                      And so for you, it's time to make some friends in the South Bay... ;)


              2. No specials on drinks. At all. ONly appetizers.

                Happy hour everyday is 4pm to 6:30 and again at 9:30-12mn Monday to Friday

                Wednesday is Karaoke night at the pilsner room (Irvine)

                Here's a sample of some of the late night happy hour food specials.

                $1.95 Bar Food Menu (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
                1⁄2 Pound Cheeseburger or Cajun Burger
                Baja Fish Tacos
                Three Cheese Quesadilla
                Spinach and Artichoke Dip
                Buffalo Chicken Wings
                Oyster Shooters
                Steamed Mussels in White Wine Broth
                Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Bruschetta

                ETA: This is for the IRvine Location

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                  thanks for the hours and complete menu.

                2. Actually, I think the M&S downtown does have drink specials on certain types of overly sweet "martinis" - in quotations because they're not real martinis, but rather drinks like lemon drops and concoctions of that sort. Around $6, I think? It's been a couple of months since I've been. While the cheeseburger is a great deal, you definitely get what you pay for.

                  Also, at least at the downtown location, happy hour is from 3-7, 9-10:30 Mondays-Thursdays, and from 3-10:30 Fridays, although I'd call to check on the hours.

                  1. Beverly Hills location:


                    I just called right now, so that should be very current. Menu subject to change, but posted on their site at http://www.mccormickandschmicks.com/i...

                    You can click on the bar menu to see the $1.95 offerings, and click around the site to see what's available at other branches, since it seems to vary.

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                      i'd say follow this advice - i have gone to the one in pasadena for years (including most games of this year's NBA playoffs) & my experience contradicts something in just about everyone else's posts:

                      1) M&S does have drink specials
                      2) the oyster shooters haven't been $1.95 for years
                      3) the happy hours vary from other locations

                      i can spend $2 on coffee, get the cheeseburger & fries (and i am very partial to steak fries) for $1.95 and get out for $5 including tax & tip. factor in the ability to watch certain sports events and it works out pretty well.

                    2. Um, did I miss something? Were there any comments about the QUALITY of the happy hour food like the cheeseburger? (Sorta like the old Woody Allen joke: "Such terrible food, but such large portions!"

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                        Or the new David Sedaris version of it: "The gourmet and masochist in me battled...the food was so terrible, but could there at least have been more of it?" (my poor paraphrase).

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                          I'm sorry, I thought I mentioned it.

                          The burger is good. Not great, but good, especially considering the price. It's large, done well (They SOMETIMES would cook to order, sometimes not, depends on your server and you asking..."Can I get the Happy Hour Burger done (Preference)"). The best way to describe it is, it's how Carl's/Hardee's Six Dollar Burger (Now that thing is foul) is supposed to taste...

                          AGAIN, we went there for cheap. It was a very confusing time in our lifes, As young food production consults (And booze hounds) we ate the most crap in our lives. But also ate the BEST in our lives at client dinners (Ahh... Skys the Limit Okamase at Matsuhisa!) and M&S allowed us, in between those times, to have a decent dinner, lots of fun and money left over for our Hugo Boss and Prada... ;)


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                            imo, for $2, the burger and fries are damn good for the money.

                            seriously, what do you expect for $2?

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                              I just tried the M&S in NYC and they have a similar happy hour deal, though they don't seem to have a few items on the bar menu at this location. Besides the burger, I tried the spinach and artichoke dip, the vegetable quesadilla, and the buffalo wings. Among the items we ordered, the burger was by far, the best thing going. The wings were standard barfood issue, but the other two (the dip and quesadilla) were pretty vile. This is as soulless as cooking gets. This experience hasn't tempted me to go back for the other seafood items on the menu. But for the price of a drink and less than a $2 supplement, that burger deal is pretty good. But I think I would rather pay a few extra dollars and get some tastier items at Morton's.