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Aug 2, 2006 11:08 PM

New record set in time to closure - Citronelle is gone.

Well, it might be a new speed record for a closure along Henry St. in Brooklyn Heights.

Citronelle, which JUST opened after earlier being some student-oriented Bar/Grill (anyone remember the name?) is now closed up and has a sign in the window saying it will be...

Mike's Kosher Steakhouse

I have to say -- my expectations are not exactly high for this place.

Peter in the Heights

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  1. Wow that is indeed a fast one. I was actually going to give it a shot soon too.

    If they had more $, I suppose we could have a competition between them and the soon to be opened Food Maestro to see who could last the longest. I'm assuming, of course, that if Chez Henry wasn't quite what the neighborhood wanted then Food Maestro will not fare any better. Perhaps I'm just a tad too cynical....

    1. Oh by the way, it was Clark Street Station

      1. Mike's Kosher Steakhouse? What a terrible name. Any idea what the menu will be like and when it will open? I wish restaurants would put more thought into what they are trying to do, like Jack the Horse Tavern, which seems to be doing pretty well so far.

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          By the way, where is Jack the Horse Tavern located? Thanks.

          1. re: JennS

            Small correction -- it's "Mike's Steakhouse" with a big "Kosher style" below that on the printed banner in the window. Just what everyone's been clamoring for in the Heights -- a kosher-style steakhouse!

            1. re: Peter

              I know the man (Mike) who is in charge of the forthcoming Steakhouse. What "kosher style" in this case means is that all his meat and products are kosher, but he will be open on Friday night and Saturday and has no rabbi giving his hechsher (seal of approval). What this means for the food is unclear. He used to run Pastrami Box, the late, not-so-lamented kosher deli on Livingston Street that is now a Chinese restaurant. With any luck, the food will be good - just because the meat is kosher doesn't mean it's bad, folks! Check out Le Marais kosher steakhouse in Times Square, which is beloved by kashrut observers and the secular alike as it has extremely delicious steaks at much more reasonable prices than many of the famous steakhouses in the city.

          2. Ugh, this is so depressing! I almost wish that bizarre BagelLady store was still there. Wouldn't a tapas place be a better addition to the neighborhood?

            Does anyone know what Food Maestro is going to be (aside from another restaurant with an absolutely terrible name)?

            1. I'll hazard a guess and say another restaurant with terrible food?