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Aug 2, 2006 11:06 PM

Del Mar Race Track

Anything chowish in the immediate area?

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  1. For lunch I frequent Red Tracton. Gothic Sandwitch, Shrimp on Ice, Lobster Bisque, are some favorites. Also good steaks and chops.


      1. A super Mexican frequented by the horsemen used to be Tony's Jackal. I am relatively sure that it is still around.

        1. Tony Jackal's is still around, but I think Fidel's is much better. For a great carne asada burrito try Randy's Market, on Stevens in a little shopping center near Fidels. I think it's one o fthe best I've found in San Diego.

          1. Please help me chose between Don Chuy, Fidel's & Tony's Jacal assuming that Randy's Market is not a sit down but, a take out?

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            1. re: JAB

              Tonys Jacal. Its wholesome home cooking. Fidels is ok but is americano style with tons of shredded lettuce on everything. Also, Fidels is looking pretty shabby and the place has a not-so-clean feel to it.

              1. re: JAB

                I have been to Fidel's and Don Dhuy in the past year. They are very different in all regards. Fidel's is much more of a 'scene' with the bar standing prominent. Food is standard - beans, rice, meat, tortilla - in some form or another. The only thing I have ever had there that I thought was above average is the tortilla soup. Food wise I think Fidels is pretty much like Chevy's. Fine, but no particular reason to go. The drinks are usually pretty good.
                Don Chuy on the other hand is a hole, in comparison. Nice enough, but basically vinyl, hanging little flags, and a bartender watching TV. The food is substantially more interesting and better then Fidel's. I don't think it will blow you away, but it is very good. I particularly like La Montana (a mountain of various meats) and anything with nopales. For drinks - go with beer (or horchata - can be good, can be okay).

                So, if you want to hang out with a marguerita and lament the idiot jockey on the five-horse while eating a non-descript burrito and weird thin salsa - go to Fidel's. If you want to have a Negro Modelo and a plate of nopales (while complainging about the idiot jockey on the three-horse), go to Don Chuy. Or both, have tortilla soup and a drink at Fidel's and walk to Don Chuy to eat (they are about a block apart).

                Just my thoughts.

                1. re: rotochicken

                  Have to agree with rotochichen, if not totally write off Fidels, sorry PGB. The salsa is despicable, they should be ashamed. I would put the food even below Chevy's, Taco bell is more like it, except Taco Bell has better salsa! Go to the Fish Market, get grilled fish or if you need some grease, the fried dishes are good.

                  1. re: Pablo

                    If we all agreed there would only be one Mexican restaurant in the area. But comparing it to Chevy's is like comparing Ruth Chris' to McDonalds.Fidels has great salsa fresca for ana additional 80 cents. Have you ever tried it?

                    I frequent Fish Market because of the fresh fish, but it's not a great restaurant. They rarely change the menu and have had the same boring veggoes with most dishes for the last 10 years. But their bread is great.