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Aug 2, 2006 11:03 PM

Anything new near Bottom of the Hill Club?

Some friends and I are checking out some rock on Friday night at Bottom of the Hill. I haven't been to the club or that neighborhood yet so I'm at a loss for where to get a bite (and a sip) before the show. I did a search and the last posting was over a year ago so I thought I'd check in to see if there are any new options. We're looking for a casual, inexpensive place with a full bar and, obviously, good chow. Any kind of food would be considered. We'll want to eat around 9. Oh, and we'll have a car if there's someplace that fits the bill but is a little further than walking distance.

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  1. Probably the place that might meet your needs is the newish Colours Cafe -- this is the Chez Maman by another name on De Haro between 16th and 17th. Similar menu, but a bigger place than the 18th St. Chez Maman. Burgers, paninis crepes, some entrees, salads, etc. No full bar to my knowledge, but beer and wine available.

    Haven't tried this location yet, but the merguez panini at the original 18th St. location is great.

    The only reasonably close place with a full bar is the Lingba Lounge at 18th and Connecticut.

    1. Bottom of the Hill also sports a full kitchen, and while the output doesn't qualify as high-end gourmet, I've had the burger a few times and really enjoyed it. Continue to visit BotH a couple times a month for shows, but haven't eaten there in at least 3 years, so I don't know what the quality is like now. Suspect other offerings still tend toward burger joint variety fries, onion rings, etc. The venue also has a spacious patio area in the back with plenty of seating (at least early in the evening). You can eat outside on a patio table before your show begins, and make a full evening of the
      single destination.

        1. Connecticut Yankee, at Connecticut and 17th (2 blocks away) has a full bar and good bar food - I like their salads - the simple stuff is better. Thee Parkside has a full bar, don't know about food. Lingba lounge is quieter earlier in the evening (a good thing) and you can get the Thai food from the restaurant next door to go with your Mai Tai.

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            Yes, I's forgotten that CY has a full bar. Definitely some decent bar food. Calamari is good.

          2. there is also the parkside which is a few blocks up farther than the yankee. but from what i remember (maybe at there a year or two ago) they have good fish tacos and burgers. plus they have a ping pong table on their back outdoor patio and picnic tables so you can munch and play a great game of pong, too!