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Fiore yogurt in Little Tokyo (Pinkberry?!)

pirikara Aug 2, 2006 11:00 PM

IT'S THE SAME THING!! I just stopped by the new frozen yogurt shop in Little Tokyo and got a sample. Yes, it's the exact flavor/taste/texture as our beloved Pinkberry. The big difference? There's no line. Plus, since they just opened today they've been giving away free samples up the yin-yang. They were even kind enough to give a sample to one of the local homeless ladies.

Here's the info I gathered:

-------------original ------ green tea---------------

piccolo --- 2.95 ------------3.50

medio ---- 3.75 ------------4.25

grande --- 5.75 ------------6.25

1 topping .75
2 toppings 1.75
5 toppings 2.50

Open: 11 am- 10 pm, 7 days a week

Not to be completely be thrown in the same box as LA's reigning frozen yogurt champion, Manager Seung says that Fiore uses fresh fruits (watermelon, pineapple, blueberries and more) not canned, and offers more on the menu like "flower tea," which is supposed to be lightly-sweetened and fragrant—a good way to compliment the dessert. I noticed that there was no Fruity Pebbles, though. =( That's my favorite.

I really liked the place and hope they do well. They're a subsidiary of Todai so they definitely have a comfortable backing at least.


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  1. p
    peachest RE: pirikara Aug 3, 2006 12:07 AM

    wow i am excited to try!! i'll be going by tomorrow night.

    just so others know here's the address:

    134 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, Los Angeles, CA 90012

    1. r
      rameniac RE: pirikara Aug 3, 2006 02:18 AM

      wao! time to hit it up...

      1. n
        NickSt RE: pirikara Aug 7, 2006 02:27 AM

        I drove by Pinkberry for the first time and the line was around the block, not to mention there wasn't a parking spot for miles. So my wife and I skipped it, thinking we would never get to try this mysterious frozen yogurt delicacy.

        Then, off your recommendation, we went to Fiore today. I had the green tea with raspberries and my wife had the plain with white chocolate chips. It was delicious. Thank you very much for the rec.

        As a side note, we went across the plaza the bakery (I forgot the name of it, but it's right across from Fiore) and ate a taco doughnut -- also, great. Basically a sweetish doughnut-y roll filled with beef and vegetables, slightly similar to char su bao. Really good.

        thanks again for the Fiore rec. I'm definitely going back.

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        1. re: NickSt
          pirikara RE: NickSt Aug 17, 2006 01:03 AM

          Yay, I'm glad you liked it. I've been getting dissenting reports ever since I introduced it to people but I think customer service and the no-line factor keeps them in the running. Plus they have a bathroom. Pinkberry closed theirs off!

        2. d
          doughnut RE: pirikara Aug 7, 2006 05:25 AM

          oooh, can it be? i will have to try and see! thank you for the heads up!

          1. r
            rameniac RE: pirikara Aug 7, 2006 07:58 AM

            pinkberry is gonna have to start calling themselves 'the original pinkberry' before too long. then 'pink berries' will start up. then 'punkberry.' then 'pinkberri.' this is all in addition to kiwiberry and fiore. i'll be wanting extra chili and cheese with my plain... oh wait. nvm. you get the picture.

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            1. re: rameniac
              kristen RE: rameniac Aug 12, 2006 01:07 AM

              And pinkberry knocked off from iceberry - the real original in Korea that has been around for ages.

            2. love2eat RE: pirikara Aug 11, 2006 09:57 PM

              i visited fiore yesterday. the people working there are very nice and helpful as opposed to pinkberry. however, there is a slight difference between the two yogurts which gives pinkberry a slight edge. one of the things i liked most about the pinkberry yogurt is that it seems to evaporate on the tongue leaving no milky "film" or "coating" on the tongue. fiore has the same amount of tang and pretty much the same texture as pinkberry but it doesnt have that evaporative quality like pinkberry. basically, it leaves a coating.

              1. t
                tuckychica RE: pirikara Aug 11, 2006 10:28 PM

                What would you recommend trying at Fiore??

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                1. re: tuckychica
                  kimpossible1138 RE: tuckychica Aug 12, 2006 12:31 AM

                  I tried the shaved ice/3 fruits (I picked honeydew, watermelon, and raspberry) with yogurt on top and it was SO good and refreshing on a hot day. The raspberries had that special garden flavour that is completely missing in most commercially available berries. The staff were very sweet and complimented me on my choice of fruit. I can't wait to go back.

                2. Danimal n Hustler RE: pirikara Aug 17, 2006 01:20 AM

                  I tried fiore yesterday and it was very good. In fact I enjoyed it more than Pinkberry... I guess it is a personal preference but the Fiore yogurt had more of a deeper yogurty essence in it's taste, which I personally enjoy. Also the wait-factor was about a minute as compared to 30 minutes at Pinkberry. GO FIORE!

                  1. o
                    ostudio RE: pirikara Aug 22, 2006 10:58 PM

                    I went to Fiore yesterday and it was very good but not great.
                    I did find it rather annoying that my medium swirled serving was completely hollow in the middle. For $4.50 I found the portions skimpy including my topping selection which consisted of 6 individual raspberries.

                    1. j
                      jwn RE: pirikara Aug 22, 2006 11:37 PM

                      they also have the same yogurt at koreatown galleria on olympic (x western), downstairs in their bakery next to the market. NO LINES and free parking in the structure.

                      1. Danimal n Hustler RE: pirikara Aug 23, 2006 12:16 AM

                        Pinkberry makes the hollow center too and claims it isn't an issue because they serve by weight.

                        1. o
                          ostudio RE: pirikara Aug 23, 2006 12:59 AM

                          so if the servings are based on weight, then why do they serve it hollow? don't you think they should just serve it straight so that customers know what they are getting, or am I being hyper about this point? personally I find it a bit of a let-down. (conjures childhood memories of hollow ice cream scoops...)

                          2 Replies
                          1. re: ostudio
                            Danimal n Hustler RE: ostudio Aug 23, 2006 03:59 AM

                            if you have such a big problem with the center being hollow, tell them not to do it while you order

                            1. re: Danimal n Hustler
                              ostudio RE: Danimal n Hustler Aug 23, 2006 05:17 PM

                              thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try next time I'm there.

                          2. o
                            ostudio RE: pirikara Aug 24, 2006 12:53 AM

                            ok, so I went back to Fiore today. Ordered the green tea. It was delicious and refreshing AND I'm happy to report the center was solid... thus my piccolo today was bigger than the medium that I ordered the other day. Today was a good day-let's hope they keep it up.

                            1. bassbiz RE: pirikara Sep 6, 2006 02:50 AM

                              Just tried Fiore today, a perfect treat for a very hot day in Little Tokyo. Whilst I havent had Pinkberry yet, I really did enjoy their yogurt. I got the original piccolo serving and had three toppings- blueberries, raspberries and granola. The toppings were very fresh and the yogurt was much creamier than I had expected. Although a little overpriced for yogurt, it was well worth the trip. Cant wait for the westwood location to open.

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