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Aug 2, 2006 10:49 PM

sanmi (geary @ spruce) in the old BY Grill location


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  1. sanmi means three seeds or three pods, per the kanji that you show. It also means acidity.

    1. The scoop on Sanmi. Translates to “Hopeful for a 3rd bloom”. This is the Suzuki family’s’’ 3rd SF restaurant.. Mr. and Mrs. Suzuki owned and operated Sanppo in Jtown from 1972-1996 and Miki’s on Balboa from 1991-2001. Apparently couldn’t handle retirement and last month, with their daughter, opened Sanmi. Had a super meal there Thursday night and will follow with specifics as soon as I find my notes.

      1. We will be there soon, we have beeen sorely missing BY Grill's ramen, which I think was some of the best around. I always did wonder how they stayed open, as we always seemed to have the place to ourselves.

        1. Hadn't been to Sanppo for years--way before it finally closed--but used to like it.

          Dinner at Sanmi last night was not bad but didn't "sing."

          Gyoza were not as delicious as we recalled--hard to put finger on it, just a little blah and less than perfectly fried.

          Good miso soup; good salad dressing (the only time I ever have head lettuce is at such establishments and it's still a shock!); shrimp-octous salad included an unmentioned couple of slices of raw squid, something I prefer not to eat; agetofu not up to Miyako standards--a bit oilier than ideal, again not bad though; both mackerel and black cod were generous and tasty (and identically garnished with a cube of plain tofu, some dabs of fried fish skin, and some daikon and seaweed (if I'm not confusing those last two with something else).

          Prices were very reasonable, place and service very simple and pleasant, just not a spot we felt we'd be too likely to make an effort to return to.