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Aug 2, 2006 10:48 PM

Food in & between Phoenix & Las Vegas? Staying @ Mandalay Bay in Vegas for weekend convention in early September.

Friend & I are making the drive & we'll eat almost anything that can't move fast enough to get away from us. Instead of steak, lobster & steak ... we tend to prefer excellent Mom & Pop places, ethnic places, non-franchises ... places that locals frequent but don't show up on the travel guides. We are primarily looking for places easy to get to enroute.

Just to be specific ... we'll be staying a day or 2 in Phoenix, go up 60 thru Surprise, Morristown, Wickenburg,
up 93 thru Big Sandy, Kingman, Boulder City, Hemenway Pass, Railroad Pass
& finally spend Fri evening, Sat & Sun in Vegas.
Though we will be at a convention at the Mandalay Bay, we'll undoubtedly get down on the Strip.

Thanks for any suggestions. My last time in PHX was w/ folks who never went out to eat. Haven't driven thru Vegas for 30 yrs -- I suspect it might have changed :-)

Thanks ... Lagniappe :-)

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  1. There's a new In N Out in Kingman, Stockton Hill exit from I-40. Best I can tell that'll be the best chow between PHX and Vegas.

    Be sure to check out Fleur De Lys at Mandalay Bay. Even if you don't have the budge for a splurge dinner, a bar hang is highly recommended.

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    1. re: GroovinGourmet

      Thanks on the tip on the Fleur De Lys ... guess I'd better pack more than jeans & boots, eh? Since we'll be in the building ... we'll certainly check it out.

      As to the In-N-Out ... don't remember them from when I lived in Calif ... but folks seem to like their Double-Double's. It sure sounds like a better alternative to Cheetos & Diet Pepsi enroute! :-) Got it on my travel list!


    2. As far as in between, stick to Flaming Hot Cheetos and Sunny Delight. Seriously.

      Where will you be staying whilst in Phoenix, so we can steer you towards the most convenient options? There's a lot of good chow here.

      Ethnic + mom & pop = Cyclo (Vietnamese, some of the best in the country) or Mi Cocina Mi Pais (Ecuadorian and beyond) or Barrio Cafe (authentic upscale Mexican) or Carolina's (awesome Mexican dive)

      Ethnic + non-franchise = Los Sombreros; many others.

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      1. re: themis

        Rats! Don't know what part of town he'll be staying in yet. He's driving to PHX in a week for a 4 week temp hospital job ... so my best guess is that he'll be in striking range of the medical center. But friend will be in PHX for several weeks & will check out the local places ... so your advice is much appreciated. I figure I'll fly in 1-2 days before we head off to Vegas & he'll make me pay for dinner at a few of the good places he's discovered.

        I'll definitely pass on your recommendations ... they all sound exactly like we enjoy trying.

        Our measure of authentic Mexican ... is an outstanding Mole' sauce, & horchata & tamarindo on the menu to drink. And you know how hard it is to get a quality Mole!

        Thanks for the places you've listed ... and any you'd care to add later.


      2. There is (or was last fall at least) a BBQ joint in Wickiup that we enjoyed, Joe's I think. They had a tasty white bean side dish that we've not had elsewhere. Look to your left as you pass through town and don't blink!

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        1. re: dcooke

          I deduce (after a search on the map) that you must be speaking of Greater Metropolitan Wikieup, AZ? Yep ... I can see what you mean about blinking & missing it :-)

          I'm in San Antonio ... and some of the best damned BBQ (beef) in the country is just up I-35 in Lockhart. Smoked so well, they don't even bother serving it with red goop ... and you won't want any sauce (but the turistas, who don't know better, can get it on the side)! IMHO ... if they need to smother the BBQ w/ tomato & vinegar ... there's something they are hiding.

          So ... the all important question ... does Joe's put BBQ sauce on their servings? :-)


        2. We don't hide anything with sauce. We believe the meat should stand on it's own. But you can have sauce if you like.

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          1. The original comment has been removed