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Aug 2, 2006 10:42 PM

shake shack on the weekend?

i'm planning weekend activities with my visiting parents, & would like to take them to the shake shack on saturday afternoon. what's the line like then? i've only been mid-day or evening on weekdays.


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  1. Go at 11:00-11:30 or else your looking at an hour at least in my experiences.

    1. I always have good luck around 3pm-4pm...between the lunch and dinner rushes. There's usually only about 10 people in line. Emphasis on "usually".

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        I think that would be true on the weekdays, but not on the weekends.

        Best bet on the weekend I would say as long as it's before 12:15, you should be OK. Around 2-4pm is really bad on weekends as people get up late and get the munchies. I've passed by the park multiple times on the weekends and the line around 4pm is crazy and surprisingly around noon it's been fine. But of course, you never know with the SS line. Check the shack cam :-)

      2. Bring a book and a lawn chair. Make sure you leave a will, just in case.

        1. Agree with all ... it's totally unpredictable these days. last sunday, i was there around 3 pm and there were only about a dozen people in line.

          The tricky thing is that you can't forget about the waiting time once you've ordered--even with so few people in line, I ended up waiting about 25 minutes from beginning to end.

          Of course, that doesn't come close to my personal all-time record of 2 hours ... (which I consider worth it since it was a sunny day with good friends lining up with me!)

          1. Shake Shack has a web cam. You can check the length of the line on-line.