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the new Cesar on Piedmont

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Is it open yet? anyone been?

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  1. Nope, not open when I drove yesterday. No indication (that I could see) of when they are opening.

    1. According to a recent Inside Scoop, the opening date is now projected as late August/early September.

      1. I walked by it yesterday. There was a sign on the window that said it would be closed this week for private functions but open the following week.


        1. My friend told me that she asked someone there today and he said they opened next week.

            1. I went tonight. The menu is a lot more extensive than in the Berkeley location -- there are five or so large plates (things like hanger steak, whole tai snapper), and the list of tapas is about twice as long as I've ever seen at Cesar in Berkeley. Lots of familiar dishes, but some that I've never seen on the menu in Berkeley (and I've been there a lot). I'm thrilled that the Cesar in Oakland is open...my bank account will likely suffer, though.

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                I was happy to see the new charcuterie section on the menu. We started with a sliced duck something or other. (I'm sorry I know that's not terribly specific...I had a hard time with the charcuterie names. Our waiter was kind enough to help us out.) Whatever it was, it was very good.

                The Piedmont space is attractive. There's a little more room between the tables. The cork floors seem to dampen the noise a bit (although not much) and the light fixture hanging above the bar is quite nice.

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                  I'm getting jealoous. I live a couple blocks from the original Berkeley location and we don't have a special "charcuterie" section! I hope these changes at Piedmont will find their way back here.