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Aug 2, 2006 09:50 PM

Where to dine in Palermo?

We will have two dinners and one lunch in Palermo, Sicily following a cruise in mid-October. We're pretty certain that we want to have the lunch at Santandrea, near the Vucciria market and that we want to stop by Antica Focacceria di San Francessco to split a taste of Milza, the spleen and melted cheese sandwich that is a specialty of Palermo. What we need, however, are recommendations for our two dinners--preferrably restaurants serving authentic and traditional or modern versions of old standards near the center of the city where we've booked our hotel. We'll appreciate your help.

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  1. What a great city. It has come back very strong. Enjoy it!
    I'll take a look in the Italian Touring Club guidebook that I just got and add more.

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      Thanks so much. Nice site. Appreciate anything more you can send this way.

    2. Alberto's site is one of the best out there. Here are some restaurants rec's from the 2005 Touring Club of Italy Guide:
      Gourment Bar Viale Strasburgo 235 (closed Sun)
      'A Cuccagna* Piazzale A. De Gasperi 19 (closed Mon)
      Cucina Papoff Via Isidoro la Lumia 32 (closed Sun)
      Friend's Bar Via Brunelleschi 138 (closed Mon)
      Osteria dei Vespri Piazza Croce dei Vespri (closed Sun)
      Palazzo Trabuco* Via dei Bottai 24/28 (closed Monday)
      Regine Via Trapani 4/A (closed Sunday)
      Dal Maestro del Brodo Via Pannieri 7 (closed Sun)
      Kursaal Kalhsea Foro Umberto I 21 (close Sunday and Mon eve)
      Mi Manda Picone Via A. Paternostro 59 (closed Sun)

      * starred in the guide
      They say very good things about Santandrea

      Good eating!

      1. I had dinner at Santandrea last year and agree that it should be on your list...small place, must reserve. I would consult the Slowfood guide listings...many of these were closed when I was there over the May 1 holiday. You do not need to have a full meal at Focaceria SF, just have the visteddi sandwich and a few chick pea fritters. A place I liked a lot for traditional dishes with a bit of modern spin, in a contemporary setting, is Acanto Blu, near Politeama Theatre.