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Aug 2, 2006 09:48 PM

Nov/Dec in Christchurch - where to eat ?

My title says it all, DH and I will be in Christchurch for about 10 days in late November/early December and no NOTHING about the city - any suggestions for foodies that will be kid free for the 1st time in 4 years?


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  1. speights..........all youll need

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      Thanks for the reply but I'm not sure I understood -can you explain?


    2. it's the local beer....but you may need something a bit warmer at this time of year

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        We're not really big drinkers particularly of beer - any food suggestions?


      2. We had a lot of good food in Christchurch a few years ago, but I would hesitate to recommend anything in particular as it has been awhile.

        Good food is easy to find, my only difficulty was finding spicy food. After 14 hours on a plane I was looking for somthing to clear my head, next time I'll bring my own Tobasco.

        1. Do not, I repeat do NOT, drink Speights. The local motto in NZ is "Drink Speights, lose your mates". By the same token, stay away from Lion Red (if they still make it). Try the local wines and small brewery beers (Monteiths is a personal favourite).

          The range and quality of restaurants in ChCh has dramatically improved over the last few years (the LoTR factor, I guess). There are a lot of nice bistros by the Avon River along Oxford Tce in the downtown area - start there and pick up recommendations as you go. If you like south asian food, there's a small chain of restaurants called "Two Fat Indians" - we ate there twice on our last visit back and thoroughly enjoyed the food, atmostphere and service.

          We're going back for another short visit next year - let me know if you've got any tips!

          1. Hi Tara,
            fortunately, Christchurch's dining scene has improved considerably over the past 2 years.
            There's now a decent restaurant for most cuisines and to get an overview, I'd suggest 2 review sites that come in handy for planning:
            - DineOut ( ) has a decent amount of reviews and although single reviews aren't always reliable, you can see a trend.
            - Time2Dine ( ) is a similare affair, but the reviews are strongly centered around our biggest city Auckland.

            But personal experience is always the best guide, so I'll share my experiences with you.

            Italian: there's a great place on Tuam St. I forgot the name, but they also have a store with mediterrenean food items. Great for pizza.

            Souvlaki (I know, more a fast food dish, but this one is worth checking out): Samy's on Riccarton Road. Easily the best "cheap" option in town!

            Japanese Teppanyaki: Tony's ( ), also on Riccarton Road. Great on Tuesday and Thursday nights for their $30 All-You-Can-Eat!

            Something different to end with: Ya-Ya House of Excellent Teas ( ) is a fairly new place devoted to tea. Great selection of teas, beautiful place.

            Well, I hope that get's you started. If you have 10 days to spend in Christchurch, you'll have plenty of time to explore the local 'scene'.


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              Another really good restaurants guide is MenuMania You can easily search for restaurants anywhere in NZ by region, city/town, suburb and cuisine and you can view restaurant opening hours, features/facilities, menus, maps, etc.