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Aug 2, 2006 09:24 PM

Persian restaurant near 6th and Grand downtown that delivers?

I work in an office at this location. The people in the office across the hall are Persian, and have food delivered occasionally, and it smells really good. Unfortunately, none of the people there speak more than a smidgen of English, and neither does the delivery guy. From the aroma I thought it was Mexican food, but they told me it was Persian, but that's all the info I could get.

Anyone have an idea what this could be?

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  1. There is a pretty good Persian place in Grand Central Market and I think they deliver. Generous portions and very reasonably priced

    Kabab and More


      have you checked st vincents court just by seventh and broadway.
      an armenian girl recently told me theres a spot in there with amazing lahmajune (armenian mini pizza


      there are lots of persian/mediterranean spots but i dont know if they deliver...

      1. There was an article in LA Times a while back about the Middle Eastern influence in downtown around the jewelry district. It mentioned this place:

        Farid Restaurant is the elegant dining spot of this neighborhood, complete with swag curtains, pink walls sponged with gold paint, some Persian genre paintings and a gold Chinese screen. The menu is the usual Persian chelo kebab list--beef, chicken and lamb kebabs served with rice pilaf, a grilled tomato and pickles. The kebabs are also available in sandwich form, wrapped in lavash bread with cucumbers, lettuce and Persian pickled cucumbers (they come with a barely dressed salad of lettuce and very red tomatoes). It also has a couple of the classic Persian stews that are served on pilaf, ghormeh sabzi (greens) and gheimeh bademjan. (eggplant). Braised lamb shank goes particularly well with 'green pilaf' (baghali polo, made with lima beans and dill).

        Farid Restaurant Persian Cuisine, 635 S. Broadway, A35, (213) 622-0808. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

        also, another article references this:

        Shekarchi Downtown, 914 S. Hill St., (213) 892-8535. The best-known Iranian businessman's lunch place downtown, open only on weekdays; excellent kebabs, particularly good rice. Far more fashionable decor than you'd suspect from the outside.

        both sound interesting, although I haven't tried. Let us know what you find!

        1. Ask them "az kojaw meegeree?" problem solved

          But to save my post, I recall their being a really good Persian place in downtown. Can't recall the name or the location but it was on the south side close to the 10 fwy. Small place, and you had to walk through this long hallway to get there. Anyone have a clue of what I am talking about?