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Aug 2, 2006 09:17 PM

Kosher frozen gnocchi?

does anyone know if there is kosher frozen gnocchi that is ready for boiling?
also, while we're on the topic, which restaurant do you think sells the best gnocchi? i've tried cafe k and it's very good, i'm wondering if it can get any better.

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  1. Try the NY Pasta Authority Gnocchi. Here is a link to the company:

    1. Bartenura Pasta, Gnocchi Potato Dumplings are not frozen, but shrink wrapped and ready to boil.

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      1. re: Marc in Cleveland

        Yes that's true, I saw it and was a little unsure, but I'd be willing to try them especially if the price was right. I think I'd use that for say... traveling maybe.

      2. Making your own gnocchi is not that bad. Here's an example of an easy recipe:

        1. The Pasta Factory in Teaneck, NJ has very good gnocchi, worth the trip. If you're not driving, you can take a bus from the George Washington Bridge Port Authority bus terminal.

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          1. re: Abigayil Neshama

            It is no longer called the Pasta Factory and I would check recent reviews to determine whether it is worth a trip from the city. I forgot the new name. That's no accident.

            1. re: cappucino

              I thought it wasn't but here's the confusing thing: you can find them by searching for "The Pasta Factory", and their web address says one name, and the actual site says The Pasta Factory. Go figure. Personally, I had a really good time there, and the food my friend and I ate was sooo good! I think it is worth the trip, but you know, that is really subjective. I'm sticking by my recommendation. The other thing is that Kasher Italian restaurants in Manhattan tend to be expensive, so I haven't gone, but I see Noi Due is pretty reasonable. If you have been there and maybe looking for something different, I would say try the restaurant formerly known as The Pasta Factory.

          2. The best gnocci I've had in NYC is at Va Bene. They serve it with a lovely light tomato sauce.
            Noi Due makes a nice tricolor gnocci too, and you can choose from a variety of sauce options (we like the mushroom cream sauce).

            I've never found a good packaged kosher gnocci but will be watching this thread for ideas!

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              1. re: DeisCane

                Agreed- their gnocchi is delicious and very different.

                1. re: cheesecake17

                  Mike's is the best I have had, but I have not had some of the others mentioned here. He used to sell it raw to take home from the 92nd street location, but I don't know if he still does.