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I need to buy a pig (whole) -- triangle area -- recommend a source?

hey all -- having a pig pickin soon with a friend and i'm wondering if anyone can recomend a pig farm/raiser/salesperson -- i'd prefer a naturally/organically/humanely raised animal, one raised with love and one that will be smoked and eaten with love. nice to be at the top of the food chain sometimes....don't mind travelling a little bit to get it...

anyway, any help would be much appreciated....

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  1. Cane Creek Farm (http://www.canecreekfarm.us/) has DELICIOUS pork.

    Depending on timing, Chapel Hill Creamery sells whey-fed pork...the ultimate in recycling. Rather than dealing with their whey as waste, they raise tasty pigs on it. Old article - http://www.weaverstreetmarket.com/art...

    1. Cliff at Cliff's Meat Market in Carrboro can get this for you.

      1. i agree with will-- if you get it from cliff's, there's no guarantee on humane/organic/source, etc. another avenue to check is with eliza at cane creek farms. she's at the carrboro farmer's market on wednesdays and saturdays. i'm using her pigs for my wedding reception. (pig pickin)

        1. whoops, i didn't read will's whole post. he already said that. sorry... happy eating!

          1. Not sure this would suit your needs, but you might try:

            Nahunta Pork Center
            200 Bertie Pierce Road
            Pikeville, NC 27863
            (919) 242-4735

            They also have a place at the NC Farmer's Market in Raleigh:
            Nahunta Pork Center Outlet
            (919) 831-1848

            1. If you are more on the central to east side of the Triangle, Larry's Super Market on Milburine Road in Raleigh, just east of the intersetion with Raleigh Blvd near St. Augustine's College. Thye can supply small ones as well as large ones, and you can also get a half or even quarters. However this will not be a naturally/organically/humanely raised animal, one raised with love, just a commercially processed one.

              Larry's is an old style meat market and grocery, serving a more economically challenged clientele than what you will find in the other recomendations, but if you want to see how it was in most small NC towns in the 50's and 60's this is it. One of my favorite nostalgia places, as well as where to get whole or half hogs. They feature lots of pork and chicken and some beef, with all types of cuts, but primarily many old fashioned country style things like necks, feet, organs, chitterlings, ears, tails, lard, fat back and side meat, country hams (at Thanksgiving and Christmas they also have corned hams), homemade sausage (bulk and dried). They also have hoop cheeses, collard greens, frozen hand picked and cleaned vegetables, and other country staples.

              1. that sounds like a neat place-- i'll have to check that out! thanks for the heads up...

                1. Just curious, but how much can you expect to pay for a roasted whole pig if you want to host a pickin'?

                  1. I understand that Compare Foods is now in the Raleigh/Durham area, and they offer whole hogs -- go to www.comparesupermarkets.com -- their advert says "we sell pigs all sizes"

                    1. If you want to meet one of the Triangle's most genial pastured pork farmers, give William Brinkley a call. Brinkley Farms is up in Creedmoor (~10min drive from downtown Durham), and in addition to some amazing, fatty, happy happy pigs, they raise vegetables and have been dabbling in pastured beef lately. He delivers whole hogs to restaurants in the area (or blocked out by the slaughterhouse in Durham to spec), and I'm sure he could get a whole pig to you somehow. Call 919.528.0513 and go visit the farm.

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                        OH Yes. I've never had any of their pork in its semi-natural state, but I get their sausages, ground pork, and ground beef through their CSA, and it's *outstanding*. The bratwurst are simply divine. And since I know where the beef is coming from, I'm even more fearless than usual when it comes to rare burgers, which means the burgers I cook on my porch using their beef are the Best in the Triangle ;-) I love the Brinkleys.

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                          Brinkley Farm does sell whole pigs for pig pickin's and reports are that they're great. I'm getting a 100# one from Garrard's on Rose of Sharon Rd. and I'll report back how it turns out.

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                            I ended up getting a 108 lb. pig from Garrard's and it turned out great. I cooked it low and slow (250-275) skin side down on a propane pig cooker and it came out moist and delicious. It made for a great community event.

                        2. I also recommend Cane Creek Farm. We slow-cooked a whole hog from Eliza back in October and it was one of the best food experiences of my life.

                          1. We got some great pork shoulders and ribs from Elise @ http://www.elysianfarm.com/ for a goat roast we had a while back. I'm not sure how often she slaughters or has non-dismantled hogs available, but her pork was most excellent.

                            1. FOOD LION has fairly good pigs. Loved and love to be eaten. around $1.10-$1.20 a pound and nothing to kill it. Looking for a local myself though. Having a pig pickin in Oct. up around Deals Gap.

                              1. MAE Farm in Louisburg also meets your criteria. They sell in the store at the state farmers market and should be able to hook you up with a whole pig if you give notice.


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                                  I'll second that on MAE farm. I had a pig pickin' for my wedding reception earlier this summer, and a neighbor that's been cooking pigs for 30+ years said it was the best pig he's had for a pig picking in about 10 years. Nicely marbled, nice size. And Mike from MAE is great; he'll work with you on size estimates, and only needed about a month lead time. Just a wonderful overall experience for a stressed-out bride. I talked to him about size, dates that sorta thing, picked up the pig the afternoon before the wedding (kept on ice overnight), helped OrganicGuy and Carl the pig cookin' guy wrangle it onto the cooker about 7 AM, and by 6 that night, I was hitched and eating the best eastern NC style BBQ I'd ever had.

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                                    Best wishes to you both on your wedding! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.