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Aug 2, 2006 09:06 PM

Oyster Recall

Can someone update me on the oyster situation. People in NYC have gotten sick eating Washington oysters. I am coming next week and want OYSTERS!!!!! This is like someone planning a beach vacation and being told the beaches are unsafe. What's going on? Don't tell me I'm finally going to get to the State that is home to my favorite oysters to be told that I can only eat Blue Points from Long Island.

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  1. High levels of bacteria from Hood Canal area oysters. See attached link. However, I'm don't think that all PNW oysters come from this area.


    1. http://archives.seattletimes.nwsource...

      From what it sounds like, pretty much all areas of the state have been shut down...

      1. Oh, I did not notice that someone else had sent a link to the same article. My bad.

        1. Yesterday's Oregonian reported that the bad oysters are from the southern Puget Sound and Hood Canal:

          Apparently the FDA has said to not eat raw oysters from the Pacific Northwest, but the article said that the oyster growers association thought that restriction was too broad (then again, their livelihood depends on being able to sell oysters, so they might not be perfectly objective about it).

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            I am so sad. OK-tell me about some unique cooked oyster preparation in Seattle. I once had barbecued oysters in Sonoma that were outrageous and haven't found anything similar since.

          2. Don't panic...I would guess that oyster bars are going to have oysters from BC and maybe even Alaska instead of those grown closer to Seattle. You could call Elliot's or the Brooklyn to make sure, but I imagine if we ship oysters 3000 miles to NYC, it wouldn't be too hard to restaurants to have BC oysters shipped 100 miles. But, I wonder if they'll be more expensive due to the shortage.

            Funny you should mention bbq oysters-that's something I LOVE everytime I visit the SF Bay area-especially Tomales Bay where all the oyster farms are-but I've never seen them here. I've had plain grilled oysters here but they aren't the same as real bbq oysters with bbq oyster sauce.

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              Actually I had them in Bodega Bay on the Sonoma Coast. Huge oysters (maybe Dungeness?), 3 or 4 bites each, knife and fork required, grilled on the barbie and slathered in sweet BBQ sauce.