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Aug 2, 2006 09:01 PM

No Carbs

Help. I need suggestions. I am trying to stay on a no carb and low fat diet. Any suggestions??

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  1. Don't know if they have it in the summer, but Grey Dog Cafe makes a delicious tomato/chicken/artichoke soup...just get it without the bread!

    Also when I go low carb I like to get whole chickens--Gourmet Garage has a tasty rotisserie chicken. Also, their Ten Vegetable soup is wonderful.

    good luck!

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      1. mandler's
        26 e. 17th btwn broadway and 5th ave
        -it's a sausage place, with all different kinds...the andouille is great. they are very large, and you can have different toppings like sauteed onions and mushrooms, jalapenos, sweet and sour cabbage, etc. and pepper sauce. just get them without the bread. it's great.

        1. Sure!...

          -- go to Russ&Daughters and buy tons of smoked salmon, baked kippered salmon, and whitefish salad (the amazing quality softens the pain of giving up the bagel)...

          -- Korean food: many places...bbq shrimp/pork/beef and lots of kimchi...sure there's a little sugar in the marinade but it's still a high-protein low carb feast...alternately: enjoy the tofu soups/stews...restaurants: Dosirak, Li Hua, and many K-town places...

          -- Lucien: get the grilled salmon or the filet mignon or the lamb chops...and an endive salad

          -- Keens Steakhouse: prime rib

          -- Grand Central Oyster Bar: raw oysters, and a green salad w/ tomatoes (or one of their overpriced caesar/seafood salads w/ shrimp)...

          -- dozens of Japanese places for sashimi (and miso soup and salad): do a search to find the best one price/location for you...personally i'd recommend: Higher End - Ushi Wakamaru, Jewel Bako...Lower End -- Natori, Sapporo East...

          -- get a whole fish in Chinatown (maybe at Ping's)...

          -- omelettes at many places...

          -- even tapas at La Nacional or n33 or others, provided you stay away from the bread and just enjoy the gambas, serrano ham, chorizo, etc

          -- bbq pork chops at Nha Trang (again, there's a little sugar, but mainly a protein thing if you avoid the rice, etc)...

          Hope those help

          1. I would recommend Churrascaria Plataforma for an all-out low-carb feast, but I doubt all that meat is low fat. Still worth a shot. If I were on the diet I'd probably go for massive amounts of lox and sashimi.