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One Week in SF/Wine Country (Raleigh Hound)

My wife and I will be in for a week (Sat - Sat).
We are staying the first three nights in Sonoma
The next two in Yountville
The last two in SF (Parc 55 Renessiance).

So far I have reservations/plans for:
Brunch Sunday - Girl and the Fig
Dinner Tuesday - Bouchon
Lunch Wednesay - Greystone CIA
Dinner Friday - The Dining Room

I'm looking for recomendations for:
dinner Sat. and Sun. (Sonoma or within 30-45 min drive)
dinner Thursday (SF - walk, taxi or public transporation)

I'm looking to spend abount $100 for each of those three (excluding alcohol). Also looking for something that is representative of the area. (would love seafood Thursday in SF).

Any advice (pro or con) would be appreciated.


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    1. The town of Sonoma or somewhere else in Sonoma county?

      1. I was hoping for $100 total for two(pre tax, tip, and excluding alcohol)

        Staying at the Marriott Lodge in Sonoma, so anywhere within 30-45 drive (though the closer the better)

        1. Here is a discussion of several Sonoma places I was considering until my planned event was cancelled. You can Google websites for the three discussed restaurants.


          1. I'm a big fan of Bar Crudo in SF:

            Another option for something more old school would be Tadich Grill.

            Both are within walking distance of your hotel.

            1. Cafe La Haye is terrific - very reliable. Closed Sunday. Most reports are good on General's Daughter as well. Have not been there for quite awhile. I personally do not like La Sallette although other's do. I find their food very heavy. I also strongly dislike Dela Santini - I think their food is awfully greasy - but again others like it.

              1. I concur with Della Santini. Please don't discount serendipity -- wander around the Sonoma square, read menus, and see what strikes your fancy; Cafe La Haye, General's Daughter, and La Salette are all there.

                In Yountville, you will have a harder time staying within your $100 budget. Redd is the hot spot these days but that will cost you more. Bouchon, Pere Jeanty, or P.J. Steak would be more in realm of your budget and all are highly, HIGHLY recommended.

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                  Actually Pere Jeanty is now P.J. Steak. There is also Bistro Jeanty which is also highly recommended.

                  In the city I'd probably head to Tadich Grill on Thursday night. Some very fresh seafood, sand dabs, petrale sole or maybe a bowl of wonderful cioppino. No reservations are taken there so either go early or plan on a wait. Might walk right next door and have a glass of wine at Aqua, one of the prettier places in town that also has great seafood. It is, however, a lot more upscale than Tadich.

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                    You won't find General's Daughter by wandering around the square. It's three fairly long blocks from the square at 400 W Spain St.

                    1. The Girl and the Fig people just took over Nonna's Eastside Kitchen. They've got pretty terrific take out and some local specialty items as well. I thin it's a huge improvement over Nonna's. This is for something casual and for shopping.

                      General's Daughter is really great and the menu is clever. Try and eat outside if the weather permits.

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                        Thanks for the reminder about the new Girl & Fig place. That space used to house a real general store, then it got more upscale with entities that didn't last. I remember hoping for the best with Nonna's Eastside Market (I think it was Market, not Kitchen) but being disappointed. I look forward to trying the new Girl and Fig place there. It's located on East Napa St. at 8th St., an easy drive from the square (but too far to walk unless you're up to a hike).