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The Flushing Bing Lady comes to Manhattan!

So I couldn't get a cab in the heat, and I'm walking along W. 3rd street, right by the basketball courts on 6th ave. A new place was opening up, so I stopped to check it out. It's the Flushing Bing Lady!

(For more info on her, see previous thread at http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...


Oh. My. God. I got two - banana bing and red-bean bing, mostly because they were fun to say - and they were amazing. A round, stuffed bun that's been flattened out, it was mild, a little bit oily, coated in crunchy sesame seeds, and bursting with fresh mashed banana. I'm going to want this for breakfast every day for the foreseeable future. (Less than $4 for both, too.) Kinda similar to the green buns from under the bridge, only thinner and grilled, and they'll offer a mustard green bing as well.

Right now the menu is very limited, but Mrs. Ting (who was present and glowingly happy) said that they'll have the full menu starting on Monday. I can't wait.


NY Times on the Flushing branch, and Mrs. Ting's dreams of world domination:

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  1. We walked by after the shop was closed, but it's nice to hear that the buns are good!


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    1. I used to be a regular at her place in Flushing when I worked out there. Truly the breakfast/lunch of champions!

      1. Thanks for the tip! I will certainly drop by on Monday!

        1. Is the flushing location still there?

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            I think it's gone. I couldn't find it last time I walked on 40 Rd.

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              It was there as of a couple of weeks ago. The eat-in part of the restaurant was closed for the time being, but the takeout operation was operating as normal, and Mrs. Ting was there. I just read a report on the Outer Boroughs board that the location is closed, but has anyone actually talked to Mrs. Ting about that?

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                Yes, I talked to someone in her group yesterday at the old location. They don't know if they will re-open that location. They pointed to another food stall that is part of their group. Its in Flushing on Main Street across the street from Golden Gate Supermarket. The store front has a blue awning. You walk in a little bit and its on your right. I think its one of the few menus in that place that is in English. They don't offer the same selection of Bing but they have it there among other items.

          2. thanks! I am in that area quite frequently and can't wait to try the bings out!

            1. I went this morning and had a veggie bing, and pork bing, and the shrimp/pork/veggie dumplings. The bings were a little colder than I thought they should be, but I'll forgive them as they aren't officially open. I thought the dumplings were wonderful and I watched as they made them, serving them steaming hot. Of course, they were extremely gracious and friendly, and threw in a free red bean bing for me to try. Also had a watermelon freeze that hit the spot!

              1. Are they serving the various congees and noodle soups that they serve in the Flushing location, or just bing and drinks? Are there tables for people who want to eat in, or just a takeout counter? I think I'll be going there for lunch frequently. Makes me walk crosstown for some exercise, and it'll save me money, in addition to being delicious.

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                  The menu listed a good deal of dishes (including congees and noodle soups) but they have not opened with the full menu yet. They do have tables so you can sit inside.

                2. I tried the spicy beef bing on Friday and it was awesome! I definitely want to go back. Here are some photos I took:


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                    After looking at the pictures, I had to go try the bing lady. It was good though I'd say the picture looked better and it definately needed some sriracha sauce. That being said, I'm glad they opened in the city and I can't wait to try the other ones.

                    Anything else besides the bing worth trying?

                  2. Went there today. Cheap, fast, friendly, tasty. Had a honeydew freeze (some hunks of honeydew blended with ice and water), mixed veggie bing, pork and cabbage bing, and they tossed in a spicy chicken roll for free. Total was $6.45 before I tipped. I didn't like the spicy chicken roll because it was cilantro-y and I detest cilantro. But if not for the cilantro, I would have thought it tasty. I liked both of the bings a lot. Very filling. Just one bing plus the honeydew juice is enough for lunch for me. I'll definitely be back.

                    1. i stopped by last night after work and got a mixed veg bing and a cabbage bing (and a free roast pork bun). the fillings were very tasty, but the dough was pretty cold and hard. i think for my next visit i'll go earlier in the day when things might be a bit fresher, as i assume that the ones i got had been sitting for a while.

                      1. I stopped by around 12PM on Saturday and they offered to toast it in their toaster oven. Since I was taking them home to eat I said don't bother. I just ppopped them in the toaster(lowest setting) when I got home. I ordered the pork, mixed veggie, and cabbage all real tasty. He also said they can be micorwaved for about 30 seconds. Can't wait to try their other offerings. Nice addition to the neighborhood.

                        1. FYI they are having some sort of promotion in which for every bing you get a free extra bing. They are also having tastings of some delicious dumplings.

                          I'm pretty psyched this place is there, really tasty stuff!

                          1. I just went for lunch today and had the hot and sour vegetable and spicy beef bing, with a spicy chicken dumpling(?) thrown in as a sample. Overall, pretty good and cheap - the dumpling thing was nice and chewy-bready-skinned with good filling. The bings didn't blow me away though. But by the time I was done (around 1:15ish), they were out of all bings except for the chicken and maybe a pork or two. They better get cracking in the kitchen, the trays of offerings were empty and people couldn't order.

                            But two bings and a dumpling make a solid lunch. I finished it off with a honeydew freeze. The funny thing is, all the workers there wear neon orange shirts with Burberry visors. But it's a good option for cheap food in the area.

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                              I went for lunch today, got there very early and asked which bings were most fresh (we do it for bagels, so why not for bings too?). The cabbage and spicy pork were both quite good, although I think I have to give the nod to the cabbage. I'm no cabbage fiend, but it was crunchy and delicious and with the hot sauce they provide you can make any bing as spicy as you wish. 2 bings and a free dumpling for $3.50 = a filling and remarkably cheap lunch. As an added bonus, everyone there was extremely friendly and clearly happy to have you as a customer.

                              1. re: alex m

                                I had the cabbage bing today too (ordered the mixed veg, but they gave me the wrong one). I thought the filling was a bit bland. But I really liked the texture of the bing, esp. the sesame seeds on top.

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                                  Some of the bing are supposed to be bland. When I went to the Flushing branch, I liked to get one spicy one and one mild one sometimes.

                            2. additional coverage here:


                              Had pork and chive bing, spicy pork bing (excellent!), and red bean bing today. I think they'd been sitting out a while, as they were rather chewy, though the fillings were still warm.

                              Next time I will follow alex m's strategy and ask which are freshest...

                              1. the spicy pork bing is out of this world good. they are offering samples if you ask. the hours are 10A-10P but the lady who makes the bings and dumplings is there much earlier. good stuff people

                                1. I've had the red bean, spicy pork, and pork with scallions Bing so far. All unbelievable. A truly satisfying food on a rainy or chilly day. Also, they told me that they're still experimenting with their hours. They stayed open until 2am one night last weekend!

                                  These bing are worth the trip.

                                  1. spicy beef yesterday. tender, delicious meat, with nice flavor (though it could've used more kick).

                                    agree with asking about which are freshest. i didn't and the bread was a touch on the dry side. still super delicious.

                                    and exuberant efficient staff.

                                    1. thanks, chowhounds! thanks to you, I got bings right out of the oven, and they were amazing.

                                      plus I live near this place and I now know where to go for dumplings too

                                      very grateful

                                      1. Badda BINGs badda BAM!-pan fried pork buns and spicy pork bings were great!!!! Char siu were oK. Going back in for the fried dumplings. Forget Richshaw!

                                        1. it's embarassing to have two separate reports back in a one day period, but i can live with that.

                                          i went back today, and wanted to get a bunch for two of us to enjoy. the spicy beef was freshly baked (so delicious!), and i much preferred it over the spicy chicken (which has a touch more spice) and the spicy pork.

                                          by mistake gave me a red bean (?) bing instead of one of the spicy beef bings i ordered. thick and too sweet. a profound disappointment to get that instead of the spicy beef!

                                          and...an insight into their workings. they can tell the bing varieties apart by the distribution of black sesame seeds on the bing sides! but since they don't label the baggies into which they put the bings, it seems that we'll just need to learn the sesame seed patterns too!

                                          1. I just came back from Roll & Dough and I couldn't resist I had to munch on the Bings before I got home. I bought the spicy pork, bannana, and chicken. She shoved some additional buns for me to try out. That was really nice. The space is pretty nice and the bings are better quality than the ones in Flushing. The spicy pork was very good. Also they got some slow cooked soups (traditional) on the menu which I have to go back and try. They got other stuff like dumplings, wonton soups, noodles, and rice all at Chinatown prices. I think I'll be returning to this place because its clean and the food so far is good quality.

                                            1. ATe here twice during our trip to NYC! Love it. The staff is friendly, quick, and a little goofy and endearing.

                                              The bings are awesome! I didn't try the other dumplings.

                                              We had pork and chive; hot and sour veggies; cabbage; chicken; and red bean. I wanted a banana bing for breakfast, but they didn't have any up yet. I'm wondering if there are particular times for the kind you want. My son had a taro bing and liked it.

                                              The pork and chive is super good.

                                              1. I'll join the chorus of praise for Roll & Dough. I just had a spicy pork and a spicy beef bing. They were fresh out of the oven and delicious. I also tried a banana bing which they are selling for 25% off today. It was good, but not on par with the spicy pork and spicy beef bings. What a great addition to the neighborhood.

                                                1. Tried the veggie bing yesterday - yum! It's like spring roll filling inside a chewy, crispy sesame dough (I reheated in the toaster oven at home).

                                                  I have a banana one left for today.

                                                  How come no one mentioned that they're HUGE? I was expecting something roughly the size of a hockey puck...

                                                  1. I decided to jump on the bingwagon today as well. I ordered a spicy beef bing and a banana bing. Both were tasty, though the spicy beef bing was lukewarm and not particularly spicy. The banana bing was fresh, hot and delicious. with a diet coke, my late lunch came to a whopping $4.60. Service, as mentioned, was very friendly if somewhat disorganized (the guy behind the counter went to serve the guy in back of me, who graciously pointed out that I was in front of him. thank you, nice man, I'm sorry I was glaring, I was hungry.) Other items on the menu - fried chicken for a dollar a piece, and a very intriguing selection of soups on the menu I grabbed. The only one I actually saw was "matured chicken with ginger" but the menu promises delights like steamed lamb soup with dried seafood. got to come back when it's cooler!

                                                    1. I wondered how it was possible to tell them apart. Someone needs to crack the sesame seed code and post it here.

                                                      1. OK-so far I've had the spicy pork bing (twice), pork/cabbage steamed dumplings, pan fried pork buns, baked pork bun and baked spicy beef bun. Liked it all, but prefer pan fried dumplings from Eldridge or Fried Dumpling. But all in all, it's gonna be really hard to walk up West 3rd and not grab a spicy pork Bing.

                                                        1. in addition to the bings, i think the boiled dumplings are fantastic. they are made and boiled as you order them and come in a huge serving of 10 with the delicious vinegar sauce on the side. the pork and cabbage boiled dumplings are some of the best.

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                                                            The veg dumplings are next on my list. I like the baked and steamed buns, too.

                                                          2. Anybody know the hours of operation? Is she open at night? In the morning?

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                                                            1. re: Captain Jack

                                                              I went there around 8 o'clock in the morning a couple of weeks ago, and most of the bing weren't ready yet. If it's anything like the operation in Flushing was like, you won't find much in the late afternoon.

                                                              1. re: Captain Jack

                                                                Sun-Thur until 11 pm, Fri-Sat until 2 am. I think they open at 9 am but I'm not sure, I was more interested to remember the closing times.
                                                                I've been only once, on a sunday or monday (late, after 10 pm)and they had plenty of everything. Got a pork and a beef and they were superb. Have to try the spicy ones next.

                                                                1. re: RedVelvet

                                                                  Was there today at 3 p.m. and they had tons of stuff. Then again, I bet they don't run out of the vegetarian stuff as often as the meat...