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Aug 2, 2006 08:46 PM

The Flushing Bing Lady comes to Manhattan!

So I couldn't get a cab in the heat, and I'm walking along W. 3rd street, right by the basketball courts on 6th ave. A new place was opening up, so I stopped to check it out. It's the Flushing Bing Lady!

(For more info on her, see previous thread at


Oh. My. God. I got two - banana bing and red-bean bing, mostly because they were fun to say - and they were amazing. A round, stuffed bun that's been flattened out, it was mild, a little bit oily, coated in crunchy sesame seeds, and bursting with fresh mashed banana. I'm going to want this for breakfast every day for the foreseeable future. (Less than $4 for both, too.) Kinda similar to the green buns from under the bridge, only thinner and grilled, and they'll offer a mustard green bing as well.

Right now the menu is very limited, but Mrs. Ting (who was present and glowingly happy) said that they'll have the full menu starting on Monday. I can't wait.


NY Times on the Flushing branch, and Mrs. Ting's dreams of world domination:

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  1. We walked by after the shop was closed, but it's nice to hear that the buns are good!



    1. I used to be a regular at her place in Flushing when I worked out there. Truly the breakfast/lunch of champions!

      1. Thanks for the tip! I will certainly drop by on Monday!

        1. Is the flushing location still there?

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          1. re: Ricky

            I think it's gone. I couldn't find it last time I walked on 40 Rd.

            1. re: Brian S

              It was there as of a couple of weeks ago. The eat-in part of the restaurant was closed for the time being, but the takeout operation was operating as normal, and Mrs. Ting was there. I just read a report on the Outer Boroughs board that the location is closed, but has anyone actually talked to Mrs. Ting about that?

              1. re: Pan

                Yes, I talked to someone in her group yesterday at the old location. They don't know if they will re-open that location. They pointed to another food stall that is part of their group. Its in Flushing on Main Street across the street from Golden Gate Supermarket. The store front has a blue awning. You walk in a little bit and its on your right. I think its one of the few menus in that place that is in English. They don't offer the same selection of Bing but they have it there among other items.

          2. thanks! I am in that area quite frequently and can't wait to try the bings out!