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Aug 2, 2006 08:37 PM

Just a few Toronto questions, help me finalize make the most of my eating (I mean Conference)...

Will be in Toronto soon, for the International AIDS Conference (meaning I will be jockying for restaurant space with *lots* of other folks...)so, Chowhound that I am, I have no idea what sessions I am going to, but I have most of my restaurant reservations made...

But, I could still use help with a few questions:

1. I arrive late on Saturday night, and Thuet is close to my hotel, and open late. I figured that was a good choice for my first meal in I right?

2. I am on a perdiem, and my funds aren't unlimited...but I would like to have one really exception meal: I think I have narrowed it down to Splendido or George, so which should I choose, and why? or am I better off elsewhere? (yes, I've been following the thread on a meal if someone else was buying, but it doesn't give me a good sense of the why....)

3. I am seeking a spot near the King Street West/Downtown/Convention area for a dinner for six persons one night, that is very moderately priced or even inexpensive....unfortunately, it is a non-chowish group and there may be pushback if I go for anything 'ethnic', although they might agree to Thai or Vietnamese...any ideas?

4. and finally, does anyone have any feedback on Izakaya Restaurant?

I appreciate any help you can give! Thanks, and will report back..

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  1. Susan, it's been a decade since I've been to Toronto. But I used to be in the area monthly for business in the area of Greek town around Danforth. Coming from San Francisco where Greek restaurants are scarce, I used to love checking out the Greek eateries. Sitting outside on a warm summer night (also scarce in SF) with a simple grilled whole fish or plate of fresh sardines was heaven. Perhaps the Toronto 'hounds can give you some current recs. I think the food would satisfy your chowish desires and those less willing to be adventurous.

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      Greek sounds like it would be a great idea for the group, and yes, it is something that we don't have much of at home (the entire party that night will be from San Francisco). So, if anyone has any specific recommendations along those lines I'd really appreciate them!



    2. I just got back from a conference there yesterday. As for the non chowish group,I think the Richtree Marche would be a great choice. Only a couple of blocks from the convention center, it is as much a food "show" as it is a restaurant. The food is not stellar, but very good with something for everyone.
      We had fantastic meals at Jamie Kennedys' Wine Bar on Church St., and at Chiado on College.
      Too many choices and not enough time!!

      1. I was eyeing Chaido, which has a really delicious sounding is a bit pricey, given my perdiem, but I will consider it. What did you particularly like there?

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          Chiado is wonderful. Best Portuguese restaurant in North America. Seafood is always the way to go there. It's always spectacularly fresh -- flown in daily from small fishermen in the Atlantic. And if it's your splurge night, it's definitely less expensive than Splendido or George.

          Regarding your question about the two... Splendido is what I would consider an almost "perfect" evening out: amazing food, truly flawless service, lovely romantic atmosphere. George, IMO, is just a small step below Splendido on all counts. But the patio at George is really beautiful, so it wins there.

        2. I've been to Izakaya. Nice staff. Good potential. Some of the food we had was fantastic. Other things were ok. Can't remember specific items, it was about 6 months ago.
          Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar is great, although pricey.
          I love Blowfish, also pricey. I hear Toshi Sushi is Susur's favourite sushi and it's inexpensive. Ki at King and Bay has good atmosphere and good spicy edamame and kiwi tuna maki. Also expensive.
          If you are looking for very inexpensive for a non-chowish group, there's always Hot House at Front and Church, which seems to appeal to those types.

          1. Perhaps given the replies I've gotten so far, I should clarify: I would in fact like a chowish choice for my group dinner (question 3): I'd just prefer a cuisine that is not too unusual and/or spicy. Perhaps I should have described the group as 'less adventurous'?

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              Beer Bistro (at Yonge and King, not far from the conference centre) fits the bill for your group dinner. It's not really cheap, but it's definitely not expensive. Fun atmosphere, good food, and of course and amazing beer list. And most menu items are prepared with beer, so it's a little "different" without being too out there.


              Oh, and don't get it mixed up with Bier Markt. Awful.

              1. re: TorontoJo

                Props for clarifying Beer Bistro v.s. Bier Markt--many, many miles apart.