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Potato Pancakes and...

I'm having a total brain freeze... I'd like to use a up container of potato pancake mix from King Arthur Flour I got because I could just eat a whole heap of potato pancakes for DINNER, but I know that's not a good idea... :/ Honestly thought, I'm drawing a blank as to what to serve those yummy pancakes with for dinner... Any suggestions?


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  1. Smoked Trout diced with red onion and cilantro, or Pan seared pork with fresh apple sauce, or a tub of sourcream!

    1. smoked salmon and caviar.

      1. Applesauce and sour cream.

        1. What's wrong with potato pancakes for dinner? I like to mix sour cream and applesauce on mine.

          If you want something inexpensive and easy, sausages are good with potato pancakes. Chicken-apple would be fabulous, green salad, done.

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            Oh my Ruth. This sounds so good. I was trying to figure out what to cook tonight. Dommy...love those potato pancakes!

          2. A salad and broken up pieces of cooked or smoked fish (salmon comes to mind).

            1. In our ashkenazic (eastern european) family, we serve potato pancakes as a side dish with brisket - a heavy meal, to be sure. Wolfgang Puck's now-closed Granita used to make a "gallette" for brunch: a round potato pancake, topped with a flat pancake of scrambled eggs/omelette, lox or smoked salmon, and a light frosting of sour cream. Garnish with chives and/or capers. The best of brunch, in a little pie type of format. They served it cut into quarters. Delicious!

              1. Champagne!

                No really, the grease and potato flavors are perfect with champagne.

                Also: brisket, smoked fish, roasted tomatoes with goat cheese, any soft dairy like sour cream or creme fraiche, fish roe, herb salad, etc.

                1. Why not as an accompaniament to eggs and pork products for breakfast, a true melting pot of dietary cultures.

                  1. Not a summer time meal for me, but I love them with a pot roast dinner.

                    1. apple sausage, applesauce and sour cream!

                      1. Garlic keilbasa and home made apple sauce

                          1. Inspiration from the latest Saveur: fried fish! Seriously, one famous side dish at many of the hundred-some weekly Friday fish fries in Milwaukee is potato pancakes with applesauce. Go look; it's a great article.

                            Left my own devices, I'd have'em with bratwurst and a sour cream/horseradish sauce, with sweet-and-sour red cabbage on the side. But that's probably just my German component showing...

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                              The cover alone on that issue of Saveur had me making fried fish for dinner the day it arrived. Did not make the potato pancakes though. It was just too hot here. I am going to try the combo and the article did make me comment to my Dh that we neeed to go to Milwaukee for a weekend being sure to get there in time for dinner on a friday night.

                            2. I'd go with pork Chops or sausages and some cole slaw.

                              1. WOW!! Hounds rule!! :) Yum!!

                                First, I have to thank those who supported my initial idea of just eating the pancakes. Once again, you have all proven... you are my people... LOL!!

                                Anyway, as I was reading the first few replies of this post right before leaving work, my craving for these potato pancakes hit OVER-drive and I had to have them last night!! The one that really stuck out was Ruths because it just made so much sense! Pancakes and Sausage... what better meal is that... ;)

                                Luckily, I have a Bristol Farms on my way back home from the Gym! I ADORE their sausages and went with Ruth's suggest Chicken Apple. Sadly, I did not see Judi's post for Champagne (I always knew you were a genius!! ;)) so instead to accompany it, I picked up our favorite soda, Apple Beer! YUM!! :)

                                I came home and began on the pancakes as SO steamed and pan grilled the sausages and caramelized some sweet onions and red bell peppers.

                                The mix was basically Potato Flour mixed with De-Hydrated Potato strips, Salt and Onion flavors. You just add water, wait for the mixture to thicken and come together and then pan fry. I opted to cook them however using a dolop of butter placed on a cast iron skillet and spooning the batter on top. Just how my mom makes her pancakes. :) Luckily we have a 15 inch well seasoned Lodge Skillet, so I was able to make several pancakes at once! :)

                                The pancakes hit the spot, not as good as real latkes, but also not nearly as labor intensive! Sadly, taking a look at their catalog, King Arthur no longer sells this mix.

                                The sausages were indeed the perfect accompaniment. It was surprising to us, how SWEET they where. I loved it since one of my favorite things to do with sausage is dip them in maple syrup! They really tasted like apples and cinnamon and chicken. SO however was glad we decided to add the onions and bellpeppers to the plate because it added him something more 'savory' to mesh into the meal aside from the pancakes.

                                So once again, another wonderful dinner thanks to the hounds!! :) And here's the proof!



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                                  Now you've got me hankering for some latkes. Good thing we're going to visit my Polish grandmother in a few weeks. I think I might have to do some arm twisting and see if she'll either whip up a batch for us.

                                  1. re: Dommy

                                    Thanks for reporting back! I'm glad my suggestion hit the spot.

                                    I've been eating a lot of sausages lately -- they're inexpensive, quick and versatile! And they come in so many different "flavors"! They're also so convenient for making single portions. The butcher across the street from my house has a nice selection of sausages -- both housemade and from specialty producers -- and it's so easy to just run in and buy one: presto, there's dinner for one!

                                    1. re: Dommy

                                      If KA no longer sells the mix, and you crave latkes without the fuss, try the Manischewitz mix. It's sold in the kosher foods section of most supermarkets. It will scratch that itch -- but won't compare to the real, homemade thing.