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Aug 2, 2006 08:24 PM

singapore chili crab festival

is this weekend! I am curious. has anyone been? is it tasty?

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  1. I can only remember bad posts..If you go, get there early as they have run out fairly quickly in the past IIRC. I think the bad posts were mainly about set up rather than the crabs themselves..

    1. I went a year or two ago, and the crabs were just OK, nowhere near worth the hassle.

        1. re: budcar

          Dumbo - on Water Street between Main St. and Dock St. 66 Water Street is the bar hosting it.

        2. I tried to go, but the lines were insane and I wasn't anywhere near the front of the line when the crab ran out. Not a great experience, but maybe it could have been had I gone earlier.

          1. Went last year. Kind of lame actually. Not worth your time if you have to really travel to get there.