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singapore chili crab festival

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is this weekend! I am curious. has anyone been? is it tasty?

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  1. I can only remember bad posts..If you go, get there early as they have run out fairly quickly in the past IIRC. I think the bad posts were mainly about set up rather than the crabs themselves..

    1. I went a year or two ago, and the crabs were just OK, nowhere near worth the hassle.

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          Dumbo - on Water Street between Main St. and Dock St. 66 Water Street is the bar hosting it.

        2. I tried to go, but the lines were insane and I wasn't anywhere near the front of the line when the crab ran out. Not a great experience, but maybe it could have been had I gone earlier.

          1. Went last year. Kind of lame actually. Not worth your time if you have to really travel to get there.

            1. We went today. Crabs were not very good...

              1. We walked through yesterday without sampling anything other than the Jauques Torres new ice cream sandwich we originally ventured to Dumbo for. The lines were ridiculous for food that lloked average. What really tuirned me off is the fact that you have to wait on line to purchase tickets and then get on line at the various food stations to redeem those tickets for food. So, if you miscalculated or see something you didn't account for, you have to repeat the process. Also, if they ran out of something before you were served you already paid.

                I guess they do this to keep better tabs on the servers and the money, but the process seems like a pain for consumers.

                1. Totally underwhemled it was the first time i have been. Crab was ok the portions were small and they didnt have a bib or trash bag to wear when i ate it. Luckily i found the water hose and sprayed myself off. I wish it was served with rice such a shame to trash all that sauce. Do they aways serve it with bread? I though this was asian food.
                  Also WTF was that band playing experimental Butthole Surfer gabage all about. I really didnt need that with my hangover and just wanted to run away.