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Aug 2, 2006 08:12 PM

Just Bought a Place in Margate--

What's the best of any/every food for eaters of all tastes and ages?


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  1. A mile or two up the road in Ventnor, try Sack-O-Subs, 5217 Ventnor Ave. On a par with White House in A.C.

    1. Don't even have to go to Ventnor. Go to Dino's Subs on Ventnor Ave. One block up from the Casels.

      The japanese restaurant in Ventnor Ave in Margate is good too. A little overly crowded and expensive, but what else would you expect.

      For breakfast, try Downbeach Deli. They had this EVIL (ie. decadent) Choc. Babka French Toast. A little rich for the morning, but delish.

      Another tasty bite, a vietnamese place in Atlantic City (Little Saigon) on Artic Avenue. It is just wonderful.

      Since we are only ever there for a couple days, we tend to go to the same great places over and over again.

      1. Tomatoes is incredible. Not cheap, but superb food. The sushi is out of this world. And the banana die for.

        1. I agree with tubman about sack-o-subs and with LizG about Dino's. I also like Pho' Ha for vietnamese food I am a big fan of their beef tripe and flank pho, it comes with all the condiments and additions that one would expect to find,they're located at the 5200 block of Ventnor Ave. Maloney's Tavern is another place that I enjoy. They have good american food at reasonable prices their located on Washington Ave in Margate. For mexican food I go to Mexico Restaurant, the place isn't much to look at but anything I've ordered there is good I like their enchiladas. They are on the 3800 block of Ventnor Ave.

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