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for my sweet 16 this october, 4 of my friends and I wanted to eat at a fondue place. anyone have suggestions? we'll be seeing "wicked" so something in that area would be great.

if you don't know of any teen-girl-friendly fondue restaurants, then could you suggest a fun themed restaurant?

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  1. You may want to check La Bonne Soupe: http://www.labonnesoupe.com/
    It's on 55th Street, not too far from the Theatre and I believe they would be teen-girl-friendly...

    There is also Artisanal on 32nd Street, more expensive and more grown-up, but check their website:

    Happy Birthday!

    1. These are both somewhat near the theater district

      856 9th Ave
      Btwn 55th & 56th St


      310 W 53rd St
      At 8th Ave


      1. I had some very good fondue at Dylan Prime a month ago (and, of course, you can't beat Artisanal)...

        1. Max Brenner near Union Square has unbelievable chocolate fondues. I highly highly recommend. You choose the kinds of chocolate you like for their traditional fondue and they also have popsicle fondues.

          1. well, it's not near the midtown west... but DIP in murray hill might have the scene your looking for

            1. DIP is a great recommendation for a young crowd.

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                Have you been to Dip? I've passed by many times when it's been packed and, frankly, the crowd there has never looked to me to be made up of teenagers.

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                  I have eaten there. The food isn't great, but not bad. The crowd seemed young to me and I'm 31. The place had that same lively feel a college bar has - people excited about the fact they they are old enough to go out and drink at a bar. Older than teens, but there aren't a lot of places in NYC full of teens. To a 16 year old I think it would be a pretty exciting, but overall harmless (unlike a club full of aggressive guys), place for dinner.

                  I remember thinking "10 years ago I would have loved this place."

              2. I've been to Dip and it's more of a hipster 20 something/early 30's crowd.

                The swiss fondue was okay, nothing to write home about since it was quite bland.

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                  DIP is a young 20s crowd... but they also ID to get in the door (yes I'm young looking) but they tend to ID everyone. So the 16 year olds are NOT going to get in.

                  I'd go with La Bonne Soup 100%. Especially if you are going to the theatre. PLUS the prices are a little more reasonable.