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Aug 2, 2006 08:04 PM

shopping for staples

Two of us are staying in an apartment near the Westlake Shopping Center and would like to cook a few meals. Where can we shop for flour, milk, sugar, etc. I have heard that the Larry's Mkt near Queen Anne was closing but don't know if that has happened yet. If so, where is the closest regular market. We will be buying our "main stuff" in and around the Pike Place Mkt, but will need additional items to really make a meal. Also, where is the best place to buy wine to drink at home?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. There is a QFC on Lower Queen Anne, too. You can get milk and flour at the Market-the Creamery, Pike Place Grocery and Delaurenti's will have staples (it will cost more than at a regular grocery, I'm sure). Pike and Western Wine Shop in the Market is great.

    1. Trader Joes for wine or there is a wine
      merchant in the Pike Place Market.
      Uwajimaya on 5th Ave. South is
      good for groceries.

      1. good advice from christy319; in addtion to which is the rotary grocery in the heart of the market; a tiny market with a little of everything; pricy but very convenient

        1. The closest full-on grocery store to Westlake is Ralph's, just a few blocks away. A little closer, but a smaller and perhaps more expensive is Pike Place Grocery & Deli, at 1926 Pike Place. Less of a selection, but what they have is really nice.

          1. Ralph's is pretty expensive itself with a VERY small selection. Not sure I'd recommend it over the grocery at the market. If you were already planning on heading to Queen Anne for groceries, I'd just stick with that plan. There's a Safeway, a QFC and Larry's all in lower Queen Anne. Up the hill is a Trader Joe's, Metropolitan Market and another Safeway. Should be able to find what you need among those.