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Aug 2, 2006 08:04 PM

It's so hot and I cannot find ice cream....

I just moved to the murray hill area and I am craving some ice cream. Can anyone please recommend an ice cream place in the neighborhood? (Believe it or not, my fridge does not have a freezer....)

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  1. La Salle ice cream on 3d Ave between 33d and 34th is the only one I know of off hand, besides Tasti D-Lite and the knock-offs. And of course Mr. Softee trucks.

    1. Not a good neighborhood for ice cream--Tasti is the only place I'm aware of. If you can, get downtown and go to Chinatown or Nolita ice cream factory. The almond cookie would totally hit the spot right about now.

      1. I think there's a Baskin Robbins on 2nd Avenue around 23rd?

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          Speaking of chains, there's a Ben & Jerry's counter inside Grand Central terminal - it's part of the Oren's Daily Roast place. I'm not very familiar with the food court in there, but I bet there's at least a few places that should have ice cream...

        2. If you're willing to hoof it down to the East Village or hop on a train/bus, there's a new ice cream shop called Sundaes and Cones at 95 East 10th Street, at 3rd Ave which has some amazing ice cream flavors. All the ice cream is made on the premises with some far-out flavors such as: seseame, red bean, green tea (both nonfat & regular), lychee, banana, even chrysanthemum sorbet. The wide selection of particularly interesting Asian ice cream flavors made me think of the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, only this place is much bigger, sparkling clean and actually has seating. You can sample to your heart's content. Great place for dessert after a dinner date in the St. Mark's area. I'm a huge fan of green tea ice cream and had to have a cone even though I was on my way to lunch out when I ran into this place. It was very dense with super concentrated flavor and just heavenly!

          1. What about the Shake Shack, in Madision Square Park at Madison and 23rd? Fabulous St. Louis style frozen custard.