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Aug 2, 2006 07:48 PM

Sports bars in Hell's Kitchen with good bar food?

I am at 45th and 8th, and would love a good bar to watch a baseball game at and eat good bar food - any suggestions?

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  1. Mercury Bar on 9th -- not great but decent bar food.

    1. Dalton's (9th ave betw 43 and 44) has a ton of tvs and pretty good food. It's a little pricey for a burger & beers (in my opinion) but friends of mine think it's the greatest.

      1. You can also check out the Irish Rogue on 44th and 9th. Classic Hells Kitchen sports bar.

        Bonnie :)

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          I don't know how I forgot the Irish Rogue. We do end up going there at least once a week...

        2. kevin st. james has really good salsa. i like getting their nachos or quesadilla with tons of salsa. mmm... their burgers are pretty good, too. stick with the basic bar food, though. their veggie wrap isn't worth it.

          1. not sure if this counts but circus has free hot dogs

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              Rudy's too, but I don't think you can watch sports there.