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Aug 2, 2006 07:48 PM

KitchenAid pots?

Has anyone had a terrible experience with these? I just bought a 3 qt and 8 qt to round out my collection. I don't need anything fancy, I've been surviving on Tools of the Trade and Faberware (and the odd Calphalon and Le Creuset) for quite some time now.

Mainly, I'm just asking to make sure people haven't had horrible luck with KitchenAid pots. They're aluminum on the outside with red paint, and the label says the interior is porcelain enamel (but looks and feels like nonstick). Oven safe to 500 degrees, with no plastic parts.

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  1. Aren't KitchenAid cookware the ones with the very curved handles that are attached to the pot/pan at the midpoint instead of closer to the top? If those are the KitchenAid, I looked at those and immediately decided against them bc of the lack of balance when holding the pot.

    I have All-Clad and the Emeril line by All-Clad. I like the handles on the Emeril line better, much easier to hold. Plus the glass lids are helpful to see what's going on inside.