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Aug 2, 2006 07:47 PM

Anybody Been To Bonaire? Anybody Heard Of Bonaire?

Going to Bonaire for a week of scuba diving this Friday. Any restaurant suggestions would be most gratefully received.

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  1. I was in Bonaire in 2001, for diving of course. We had very good meals along the water in the main town. Stick with the fresh seafood and you can't go wrong. We would eat lunch at the restaurant attached to the Sand Dollar Condos, they had an awesome burger. You can do all your diving from the shore, so we would have our lunch during our interval. There is also a great little ice cream stand in a small town on the way to the state park (i believe the park is called Slaggby(sp)). It is the only town on the way to the park so you can't miss it! Don't forget to buy some apples @ the Cultimara (the local grocery store) and feed them to the donkey's that wander around the island.

    1. I know of Bonaire as the location of Radio Nederland's transmitters for their North American Service (or at least that was what it was 50 years ago). Seriously though, there's still a huge Dutch influence there, and I've heard that some good rijstafel can be had (don't have names, though).

      1. I live in Bonaire.

        The restaurant next to Sand Dollar, Green Parrot is no more. Cultimara has a poor selection but for apples why not. Most of the donkeys are in the park or sold to Curacao to be slaughtered and fed to the zoo animals. The ice cream in Rincon, Prisca's closed too. We have no more rijstaffel as Old Inn is now German owned.

        We have FABULOUS dining:

        Wil's Grill
        Mona Lisa
        Swiss Chalet
        Donna and Giorgios
        Rum Runners

        To name a few...come on down..the diving, windsurfing, kitesaling and more is great..

        1. Im jealous!! Bonaire is fantastic! I have been twice and plan
          on returning many times! The people are wonderful and the diving is outstanding! Its so nice to have some of the sites to yourself and make your own plan/schedule!
          There are many great places to eat...

          Ill add to the list:
          Lost Penguin-great Bkfast and eggs benedict!
          Casablanca-Argentine Steak house-wonderful family owns it-get the mixed grill-superb(go early in the week,you'll have lots of leftovers!)
          Cactus Blue-Great carribean fare
          Bobbie Jeans-Great BBQ-only open Fri,Sat and Sun
          Rose Inn in Rincon-Great island food-try the Goat stew(cobrita stoba)it really is good! Other local foods too...
          Try some of the small/local snack shacks! Get off the beaten path...its worth it! (safe too...the people you will meet are great)

          Have a great time and dive safe!

          1. Yes off the beaten path (the name of my new dining guide soon to come out..haa)..Bobbijan's weekend BBQ is super. My 83 year young Mom loves it even more than Richards and some of the other wonderful places. Casablanca is Bonaire's answer to El Gaucho of Aruba..simple huge portions and cheap. Rose Inn has the best gabrito (goat) as you mention..and a fun place..only lunch tho..and closed Wed.

            Antriol Catering is great for local food, Luigi's ..both in the barrio of Antriol. Do not forget Mi Banana or El Fagon for SA fare.