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Aug 2, 2006 07:33 PM

Lobster takeaway in Maine (around camden/rockport)

what is the latest price per pound for 3 pounders up around the camden area? (at the places that steam them for you)

any info is appreciated


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  1. This place is in Portland, but lists current prices:

    Current Old Shell Prices

    Culls - $5.49 per lb.
    Chix (1 lb.) - $7.49 per lb.
    Quarters - $9.49 per lb.
    Halves - $10.49 per lb.
    Selects (1.75-4 lb.) - $10.49 per lb.

    Current New Shell Prices

    Culls - $4.75 per lb.
    Chix (1 lb.) - $4.75 per lb.
    Quarters - $5.25 per lb.
    Halves - $5.75 per lb.
    Selects (1.75 - 3 lb.) - $8.99 per lb.

    These prices are current as of 7/27/06

    I'll take a 3lb. old shell cull please. ;-)

    1. I have been up to that area several times this summer and almost every year for the past 30 years. The first thing I do each year is search out the lowest prices and best quality. For many years I have found that to be Jeff Brow of Oyster River Lobster Company. He definately has the best prices in the area. Since he is a wholesaler and retailer with his own boats and also buys from smaller lobster operators he offers just caught lobsters, mussels, and very, very fresh fish caught that day; all local, at the lowest price in mid-coastal Maine. (I find Jeff's prices to be as low or lower than the guys who sell out of trucks. The truck sellers usually have low prices because of low overhead, but quality is unpredictable, especially in hot weather.) Jeff has a brand new facility that they just moved into, so everything is of the highest quality.

      They will also steam lobsters for you or pack for long distance travel.

      They are located on Camden Rd. (Rt 90) in Warren. Rt 90 is the road that cuts straight from Rt 1 in Camden south to Rt 1 in Warren, a shortcut road to avoid the hassles of Rt 1 through Rockport, Rockland, and Thomaston. I just happen to have his business card here, give them a call for the latest prices.

      Oyster River Lobster Company
      2473 Camden Rd
      Warren, ME
      Shop: 207-273-3880
      Cell: 207-542-4046

      1. wow thanks alot-will post back on return :)


        1. hi we got lobsters cooked from oyster river-great lobsters and service as well-thanks for the tip!