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Aug 2, 2006 06:58 PM

post wedding sunday dim sum (35 people) in Chinatown

Hi all,

My dad loves dim sum. No really...he loves it. As Father of the Bride, he wants to host a post-wedding Sunday dim sum event in Chinatown (family will be staying in Downtown LA) for 35 people.

I realize that the idea of doing so is highly unlikely given the sunday crowds. Anyone have ideas/recommendations for their fave places that will take a large reservation? Dad and the rest of the family eat everything dim sum has to offer-- chicken feet, tripe, etc.

Thanks once again for all your help.

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  1. Call the restaurant and see if they'll take a reservation for that many. Some restaurants won't, but some will.

    In my family (at least on the Chinese side) we always have dim sum the day after the wedding for all the relatives that may still be in town. It's sort of a smaller, informal reception for family only, which can still exceed 100 (I come from a BIG family). The bridal couple are already on their honeymoon, but most everybody else with a blood relationship shows up.

    1. Empress Pavilion actually has a private room because I actually hosted an event there myself using that private room. I think it only fit 20, but you may want to ask if they have a larger room that you can use.

      The website to the restaurant is:


      1. Well, you don't say what time is the wedding. I am assuming it's on saturday, and not sunday morning. So if your dad can go early on sunday (when Empress Pavilion opens), call them up to make a reservation.

        1. Both Ocean Seafood and CBS Seafood have modest sized private rooms that might be suitable. You can try giving them a call.