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Pizza/Italian Delivery in Central Phoenix?

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It would seem you can't throw a serial killer in central phx without hitting a pizza joint. After an insanely disappointing delivery last night from Manhattan Pizza (the Manhattan was missing by way of, I suspect, Greece), I'm wondering, do any of these places suck less than most?

I actually quite like Niccolis, but they don't deliver. Pat's Pizza Plus is actually very good as far as I'm concerned, but they only deliver certain hours and the wait is often in the multihour length.

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  1. I love Pat's!!! I believe due to Gas price increases they put the certain hour delivery into effect and actually charge an extra 2 dollars. What about Spinato's on 11th and Glendale?

    1. What do you define as central phoenix?

      We get our pizza delivered from Z Pizza on Thomas/3rd Ave.

      It's a franchise out of California, but the local franchisee lives in our neighborhood. They also make pasta, but that's not on the online menu.



      1. I second Z Pizza. It is a chain, but the pizzas are great and we regularly order from them for the office.

        1. does Z deliver? thats what I'm aiming for. love their website though!

          1. Yes they deliver, but they have a limited delivery area. At times they subscribe to the slow food movement, so order before you really reach the point of starvation.


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              "so order before you really reach the point of starvation."

              has anyone else mastered that? cause I really haven't.

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                My mastery in that art came with having a child. I now have to PLAN meal times. Planning...a novel concept. So if I know kidlet needs to eat no later than 7pm, I'm on the phone with Z no later than 6pm just to be safe.

                Me and the old man, we'll dine at 9:30pm. But those days are gone. I've got a little one tugging at my apron by 6:30pm. It's her starvation I'm concerned with.


            2. GOOD call! we tried Z pizza today around noon. they were here in 45 minutes, and the pizza was beyond fabulous.
              thanks for the great recommendation!

              1. Delivery limits your options. I can understand not wanting to cook at times, but almost every restaurant will prepare anything "to go." I've got a big list of local eateries who don't deliver, but I can call ahead and swing by to pick up meals. Most are within 5 minutes drive.

                Cibo has good pies and I recall locals grabbing stuff to go. Not sure about Biancos, but it might be worth a try. Good food is worth a little effort. Meanwhile the typical pizza chains are not worth any effort if you care about the eating experience.

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                  delivery is a highly specific thing. it is not about not wanting to cook so much as wanting to be a glutton and have food arrive right in front of you:)

                  actually its about 2 things... one, there is just no TIME to go out for food. if i'm headed out, i might as well head to the supermarket. having to pick up still means time that i'd can't afford to spend sometimes.

                  second though.. and i'm from NY....so maybe thats part of it.. there's something about it coming to you that is different.

                  aside from that, i can't stand cibo. i've always wondered what on earth people are so excited about with that place.

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                    I agree, it's nice having it come to you. For me, though, the need for delivery comes from being stuck at work. Hope I find a good latenight delivery place around Central soon. I wouldn't want to become a skinny chick.

                2. there really isn't any. I will say, on the decent delivery front.... i like bamboo china. the menu is pretty standard, but well done, and they're flexible. know what you want, and ask for it and they're likely to make it.

                  there's that delivery service, too.. but they add like 15$ onto each order in the end. but i know they include a slew of restuarants.

                  1. There's a new Chinese place that took over the old China Chili spot on Central and Indianola. It's right next to Fez...Siu Wok I believe???

                    We've done takeaway and delivery from them. Pretty decent food, and it's a $1 delivery charge for a rather large delivery area.


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                      Ooh, good to know. Got a phone number handy for them? I can't seem to find a website or phone number for them yet. Thanks!

                    2. Siu Wok
                      3815 N Central Ave

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                        I'll give 'em a call. Thank you so much! :)