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Aug 2, 2006 06:26 PM

IKEA's Enameled Cast Ironware... any good? [moved from Home Cooking]

I already have a lovely smurf blue Le Creuset dutch oven that my friends got me for my last birthday... And a Lodge cast iron skillet and grill pan. But darned if the IKEA stuff (in the 2007 catalogue) isn't just the cutest stuff ever- and red to match my kitchen! Anyone tried it? How's the skillet?

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  1. I can't say anything about this particular line, but every other kitchen item I have either purchased, or, more recently, received as gifts from IKEA has been somewhere between marginally useable and complete crap. Most noteable positive has been a nonstick small skillet which, though it heats quite unevenly, has held up remarkably well in the non-stick surface department.

    1. i agree with lowbar that most ikea kitchenwares are subpar, but that particular item the OP mentions is very expensive by ikea standards. it's not like the 3 piece pots/pans combination for 9.99, it's actually something like 30dollars per (not really sure about that price, ikea catalog is too far away from me right now), i just remember the price striking me with a "wow" when i was browsing through it.

      so, i haven't actually purchased this enameled cast ironware; but i must say that in all ikea-buying experiences, and as someone who pretty much comes to memorize the catalog within the month (yes, disturbing, yes, am seeking help), if anything at ikea is over-priced by relative ikea prices, it's because they didn't cut _as many_ corners/costs on that item and is actually maybe of reasonably quality.

      sorry for such a long reply. i get chatty sometimes.

      1. Who knows but what could possibly make it worthwhile to voluntarily expose yourself to Ikea? It's such a cattle drive.

        Target has enameled cast iron that very nice and very, very affordable. I got a $25 skillet and I love it as much as my le Creuset.

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          Whatever addictive ingredient it is that they put in the lingonberries.

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            If you pick and choose carefully you can find some good stuff at IKEA at an extremely reasonable price, making it worth the trip in my opinion. I converted the "LEKSVIK" natural wood coffee table (now $30 more than it was when introduced but still a bargain based on my experience) into a TV stand/bookcase and I get compliments on it all the time from even my snobbiest IKEA-hating friends have complimented. Its also a good place to stock up on various knick knacks such as candles, baskets, etc when needed. I just don't like their cookware.

          2. I agree with Lowbar that if you pick carefully you can come across some really neat things. I have plenty of ikea furniture and I still own a casserole pot that I got eleven years ago. It functions beautifully along with some stirring utensils and general storage crates. I have poor experience with things like teflon-coated frying pans. It died in less than a year. Sometimes you get what you pay for for sure. I have looked at the enamelled pan but have decided to, probably, get a more expensive brand instead of buying one and then seeing it die in the same time as the frying pan.
            Btw, they have lingonberry jam for sale now :). Maybe they've had it for a long time, I just noticed it :).

            1. It just doesn't cut it. About the only things kitchen implement-related I buy are the cheap(i.e., disposable)plastic cutting boards. Knives and other cutlery suck. The enameled cookwear, like much else in the pots-n-pans dept., is long on decor and short on function. I truthfully see it as a false economy given the longevity of quality enameled cast iron wear.