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Aug 2, 2006 06:19 PM

Tasteful kid-like birthday cakes?

My boyfriend's mother seems to still think he is 12 and requested I get the following cake for his birthday:

White cake, white frosting( traditional frosting-not butter cream) with green decorations on it such as ballons or roses, and green writing.

Any recommendations of a custom bakery that would be able to fulfil her requests and not reduce me to getting him a cake from Safeway? If I had my way I would have gone to Miette!

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  1. Just get him a Cookie Puss or Fudgie the Whale and be done with it.

    1. Go to Noe Valley bakery. They even let you design your cake online.

      But, I think Safeway has such tasty birthday cake- YUM.

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        I believe Noe Valley only offers butter cream or whipped cream, not traditional frosting.

      2. Good old Shuberts fits the bill.

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        1. re: lizelle

          Really, go to Shuberts. It is birthday cake classic.

          You can even build it on-line.

          Actually, if you were in the East Bay, I'd say Neldham's in Oakland. I actually saw a birthday cake there today that had frosting balloons. If the mother is eating thsi too, really, don't try to slip her Miette.

          I haven't been there yet, but Sweet Things bakery in the Cal-Mart on California keeps getting good mentions on the board. They have a bakery in Tiburon too which I keep meaning to check out. Maybe someone else on the board could comment if this is a good choice.

            1. re: rworange

              Sweet Things has great, classic American cakes, but I believe their frosting would be buttercream. I don't see how that could be bad though, except it would be off-white instead of pure white. You could call them and ask about frosting. Schubert's is also a good choice.

          1. Call Miette, they may do something like that for you. I know they do wedding cakes, which must be semi-custom, so maybe they'd be willing to work with you. "Traditional" frosting may be a problem though, yuck...