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Aug 2, 2006 05:42 PM

Chicken Fried Steak in SF

pregnant and want this for lunch, HELP!!!!

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  1. Sorry, but if you're from Texas or someplace else in the south, you will be sadly disappointed by any CFS you get around here.

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    1. Try either The Bashful Bull Too on Taraval

      or The Bashful Bull @ 19th Avenue on Noriega

      1. I had an OK version at Americana Cafe on Balboa near the movie theater.

        1. The Burger Factory, next to Cafe Focaccia, on Sacramento, had CFS on their specials board for breakfast a few days ago.

          1. Bob's Steak and Chops (on Montgomery/California) has a pretty good version. They only have it at lunch though. I'm not from Texas though, so take that for what you will (though Bob's does have another shop in Texas...)

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            1. re: tobze

              Bob's original restaurant is in Dallas. They are here because of the Omni.