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Chicken Fried Steak in SF

pregnant and want this for lunch, HELP!!!!

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  1. Sorry, but if you're from Texas or someplace else in the south, you will be sadly disappointed by any CFS you get around here.

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    1. Try either The Bashful Bull Too on Taraval

      or The Bashful Bull @ 19th Avenue on Noriega

      1. I had an OK version at Americana Cafe on Balboa near the movie theater.

        1. The Burger Factory, next to Cafe Focaccia, on Sacramento, had CFS on their specials board for breakfast a few days ago.

          1. Bob's Steak and Chops (on Montgomery/California) has a pretty good version. They only have it at lunch though. I'm not from Texas though, so take that for what you will (though Bob's does have another shop in Texas...)

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              Bob's original restaurant is in Dallas. They are here because of the Omni.

            2. You might try Tennessee Grill on Taraval/21st in S.F. Not sure how it will hold up against a southern truck stop but they do use fresh round, tenderized. Ask for it crispy and it will hold up to the gravy. (Don't ask and it's gets sloppy fast) $7.50 gets you a full meal, soup, bread, coffee/tea. Seniors eat there regularly, so take that as an endorsement.

              1. How about Hard Knox on 3rd -- owner/cook is from Texas and I'm pretty sure they have CFS on the menu.

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                  I'm from Texas and I've had the CFS at Hard Knox, its not good and they serve it with BROWN gravy.

                2. I'm a huge Chicken Fried Steak fan and thank you for calling it that! I have found that folks here in California call it Country Fried Steak and that bugs me! Anyway, other than my own family recipe, I would say Chili's has the best.
                  They serve it with delicious gravy and mashed red potatoes. Hmm I'm getting hungry now! I don't know if there is a Chili's in the city but they are spread all over the Bay Area and I know when I was pregnant I'd drive miles to satisfy a craving!
                  Enjoy and All the best to you and the baby!

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                    Whenever I see "Chicken Fried Steak" "Country Fried Steak" or "Country Steak" on a menu, I always ask how its prepared.

                    Through research, I found most people seem to use the below definitions, but I have come across people that just use whatever term they fancy regardless of how they actually prepare it.

                    Chicken-Fried Steak - usually round steak, tenderized then dipped in a mixture of egg and milk, then dredged in seasoned flour and/or crumbs. It is then fried in hot oil, shortening, or drippings until the coating is browned and crispy, similar to fried chicken.

                    Country-Fried Steak - is similar but is usually dredged in only flour (no crumbs/bread coating) without the egg coating.

                    Country Steak - is also the tenderized round steak, dredged in only flour but it is usually browned in a skillet and then taken out, the gravy made, and the steak is put back in the gravy to finish cooking. I did find numerous Country Steak recipes that called for finishing it in the oven.

                  2. We had a Chowdown at Alfred's Steak house (unfortunately no longer open for lunch) where we had Chicken fried steak...Pssst our resident Texan approved...not exactly like home put pretty damn good...here's the link


                    1. Orphan Andy's diner in the Castro has excellent, cheap CFS....my favorite breakfast in town.

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                        When I went to Orphan Andy's a while back, I asked about their CFS, they said they got them pre-frozen and breaded (as did "Just Like Home"..in the Castro) but like "not so good fried chicken" it's still better than NO fried chicken......and the all night b'fasts at Orphan Andy's are a 'blessing'

                      2. Well, don't go to IHOP! Ordered it for lunch today -- it was pounded or sliced to 1/8" thickness, battered and fried to death and served (on the side my request) with what I thought was cream of wheat, but the waitperson called it the gravy. I'd still be scraping off the slime if it had been poured over the whole plate! Mashed potatoes were edible as was the minestrone.

                        1. I was in the Sunset Dist. today so I stopped by and got the CFS. It's much better then I recall. The steak was tender (easy to cut) and the egg/crumbs coating was delicate yet crispy. For $7.50 it's a bargain. Not sure if it's "Texas standard" but it's good by general standards.

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                            You were in the Sunset District and stopped by "WHERE" exactly??!!
                            I want to replicate your good experience!

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                              Sorry...Tennesse Grill 21st/Taravel (look a 10+ post above where I mentioned it before)

                          2. Chicken Fried Steak is my favorite "throw caution to the wind, damn the cholesterol" breakfast. A treat for vacations or weekend adventures. If you're up for a nice road trip, I highly recommend Chubby's Diner in Windsor. Right off 101, it's worth the drive...portions are HUGE and you'll want to eat every morsel.

                            Chubby's Diner
                            8776 Lakewood Drive
                            Windsor, CA 94592
                            tel. +1 707.838.0451