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Aug 2, 2006 05:31 PM

Fresh ...TV show

It's on LIME...whatever that means. Or maybe it's on Fittv. Called Living Fresh.

I watched the hostess, Sara Snow, plate what she said was perfect risotto. I never saw her cook it..and after she plated the risotto I was quite sure she was never a cook.

This risotto looked like cold cooked rice lumped up onto a plate. When she took it out of the pan, it was like that! When she said "and my risotto looks perfect" I nearly gagged. Fresh?

Anyone else see this one?

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  1. I haven't seen that one, but I like her show. (It's on FitTV here.) Most of the ones I've seen have not had that much cooking involved. One that I watched was about buying organic and was really interesting. She went to an all organic winery in California and also to a organic textiles company. I think her organic beauty tips, usually involving food, are interesting as well. I did watch one where she made granola and it looked very good.

    1. As Gordon Ramsay would say "Throw that (bleep)ing (bleep) in the (bleeping) hopper!!!!